Archive - Jul 25, 2003 - Story

University of Texas' Gutenberg Bible Goes Online

The University of Texas has put its entire two-volume Gutenberg Bible on the Internet.

Televised Expedition May Uncover Secret of Noah's Flood

Scientists, including Titanic discoverer Robert Ballard, plan to televise part of a two-week expedition to the Black Sea with hopes that they will discover Roman, Bronze Age or Byzantine artifacts, or even evidence of the Biblical flood.

Midrealm Silent Heralds Seeking Volunteers

Roaring Wastes: Lady Cecilia Bartoletti is seeking gentles interested in acting as sign language interpretors for the Silent Herald program.

Medieval Historians Protest with 12th Century "WMD"

History News Network: 1300 medieval historians protested last week after being called "an intellectual adornment" by Education Secretary Charles Clark. To make their point, they used a 12th century "weapon of mass distruction:" a trebuchet.