Archive - Nov 8, 2003 - Story

SCA Corporate Office Releases Official Statement on Schragger Case

The office of the President of the SCA has released an official statement on the alleged sexual assault case in the East Kingdom.

Law and Order in Medieval Cyprus

Cyprus Weekly: An article by reporter Barbara Lyssarides looks at the fascinating -- and often dangerous -- history of medieval Cyprus.

Author Claims Chinese "Discovered" America

Star: "In 1421, the Chinese braved the Pacific sun?" has kind of a ring to it...

Atlantia to Hold Research Competition

Gentles involved in A&S in Atlantia are invited to participate in a research paper competition in conjunction with Tempore Atlantia, an ongoing A&S competition, and the Kingdom A&S Festival.

More Help Needed for Fire Victims in Caid

Lady Cicilia Tironi reports that three SCA families have now lost their homes due to recent fires in the San Diego area of California.