Archive - Nov 26, 2003 - Story

Study Says Medieval New World Map Is Real

AP: Scholars continue to debate the authenticity of a map said to have been made fifty years before Columbus set sail. The map, if authentic, could be one of the first to show the New World.

When Good Tapestries Go Bad It's just....wrong. A news parody site has collected some truly warped creations from the do-it-yourself Bayeux Tapestry web site.

West Sussex Tomb May Contain Remains of King Harold II

Historians believe that a tomb at Holy Trinity Church in Bosham, West Sussex, may be the final resting place of King Harold II, who was killed at the Battle of Hastings.

Burial Mound May Include Viking Longship

Researchers from the University of Oslo believe that an oval shape which has come up on radar studies of a burial mound near Toensberg may be a Viking longship.