Archive - Nov 25, 2003 - Story

Article Examines SCA History, Customs, and Values

Morning Call: The local newspaper that broke the story about the Ben Schragger child abuse allegations has followed that series of articles with a feature story on the SCA itself.

Airspeed Velocity of Swallows Calculated

Information vital to any member of the SCA is now available online: Calculating the velocity of an unladen swallow!

Lampworking on the Web

Dame Aoife shares links for medieval lampworking and glass bead lampworking on the web.

Dark Ages Re-Creation Company at Cranbrook Institute of Science

The Dark Ages Re-creation Company (DARC) will be visiting the Cranbrook Institute of Science in Detroit, Michigan (USA) November 29-30, 2003 to promote "Full Circle, First Contact," a traveling exhibit showing Viking influence on the new world.