Archive - Nov 17, 2003 - Story

Agincourt Coin Lost - and Found

A gold coin found on the battlefield of Agincourt, and once in the possession of the Birmingham Museum, has been found.

Another Official Statement on the Schragger Case

Meg Baron, President of the SCA, has issued a second official statement concerning the allegations made in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania (USA) against Ben the Steward.

A&S Prize Tourney to be Held at Lochac's Rowany Festival

Acacia de Navarre, Laurel Principal of the Kingdom of Lochac, has announced that a Laurel Prize Tourney has been planned for the upcoming Rowany Festival.

Ryan Anthony Bork Born in Atlantia

The Kingdom of Atlantia welcomes yet another subject: Ryan Anthony Bork, born November 16, 2003.

A Stitch Out of Time

"A Stitch Out of Time -- Medieval Embroidery for the Modern Era," a web site by Master Richard Wymarc, offers links, information, and photos of medieval English and German embroidery techniques.