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November 19th

Shire of Quintavia to Hold Regional Fighter Practice

The Orchard Hills Athletic Club in Lancaster, MA will be the site of a regional fighter practice on December 8, 2002.

November 18th

Victors Hailed at Winter Rose Tournament

The Incipient Shire of Drakelaw last weekend hosted its annual Winter Rose Tournament, and a fine lady from neighboring Barony of Flame tells us of the day's festivities and honourable combat.

Caer Anterth Seeks Blood Donors for Boar's Head Event

From the Midrealm comes word of a blood drive to be held at Boar's Head on December 7.

November 17th

Personal Accounts Now Available

Visitors to are now invited to register for personal accounts by clicking on the "Create" button on the Headlines page.

November 15th


An Austrian church is the site of an archeological find containing a rodent of unusual....shape. Does a certain famous Disney character have a European ancestor?

First Sunday Declared "Boffer Sunday" for Midrealm Youth

Young Midrealmers interested in learning SCA fighter practices may gather at the Renaissance Fencing Club in Madison Heights, MI.

Coded Tudor Letter Translated into English

Times Online: The Times of London reports that a coded letter written in French to Queen Elizabeth I has been translated into English for the first time.

Estrella Treaty Negotiations Now Complete

The treaty for the Estrella War is now available online.

Finding Vikings Writer Harriet O'Brien goes on a quest to find out what Vikings were really all about in a news story from

Another Calontiri Rides the Bus

Reservations are still being taken for Calontir residents who wish to take the charter bus to the Estrella War.

Early Celts Cannibals?

Discovery News: Possible evidence of cannibalism among early Celts has been found in Berkshire, England.

Local Council Finds Roman Wall in Family's Backyard

A Saxon burial urn and a Roman wall have been found in a Buckinghamshire garden.

St. Birgitta's Bones to Solve Mystery

Scientists plan to use DNA testing to determine the burial site of Sweden's St. Birgitta.

Calontir History Page Seeks Photos

Photographs from the reign of Martino and Ariel are being sought for the Calontir History Page.

November 13th

House Staghold to Host Bardic Festival at Estrella War

Rialto: A household in Atenveldt will host its second annual Bardic Festival and competition, featuring four performance categories, at Estrella War 2003.

November 12th

Wedding Bells to Ring at Pennsic XXXII

Baroness Poolyanna Bogdanavna and Sir Decker Hawkeswood of Artemisia will be married at Pennsic XXXII.

Lochac Ceremonies Online

The cemeronies for the Kingdom of Lochac are now available online.

Ansteorra, the Board Game

Cynric de Bedwyn, inventor of Ansteorra, the Board Game insists that all that is required is 2d6 and a sense of humor.

Cleveland Museum of Art Offers Medieval Treasures Online

The Cleveland Museum of Art holds an extensive collection of medieval treasures, including a newly-renovated Armor Court.

An Tir Sumptuary Customs Available in "Virtual Throne Room"

The Sumptuary Customs of the Kingdom of An Tir can be read on the Kingdom website's "Virtual Throne Room."

November 11th

Midrealm Highnesses Announce Their Progress

Their Highnesses of the Midrealm, Pieter and Nan Astrid, have announced a preliminary schedule of events They plan to attend.

Their Majesties of the East Hold Court at Crown Tourney

On October 26, 2002, Their Royal Majesties King Andreas and Queen Isabella of the East held court at Crown Tourney in Their Barony of Stonemarche.

Barley Hall Offers Tour of Medieval Townhouse

A restored medieval townhouse in York, England offers visitors a chance to study medieval building practices.

Midrealm Seeks Historic Photos

The Honorable Lady Corynne de Castile is seeking photographs and artwork depicting past Midrealm royalty for a special history project.

Drachenwald Announces Cooks Guild List

SCAdian cooks in Drachenwald will want to check out a new cooking list.

November 8th

Logan and Isabel Become Prince and Princess of Atlantia

At Crown Tournament on November 2, Logan won the right to make Isabel the Crown Princess of the Kingdom of Atlantia.

West Kingdom Duke Proposes Sweeping Changes to SCA Membership

Duke Frederick of Holland proposes that the SCA should radically revise its notion of what constitutes "membership" in the organization. While takes no editorial position with regard to the proposal, we offer Duke Frederick's letter in its entirety for the sake of open and free civil discourse.

November 7th

Their Majesties of Caid Decide Likely Future of Southern Reaches

Guilliame and Felinah, King and Queen of Caid, have made a decision on the future of Southern Reaches (New Zealand) and will be making their recommendation to the Board of Directors.

Calontir Membership Continues to Grow

Their Majesties of Calontir welcome yet another new member to Their Kingdom with the birth of Katherine Elizabeth Ransden.

Heralds & Scribes Will Meet in AEthelmearc

The Shire of Nithgaard will host AEthelmearc's Heralds & Scribes Symposium November 22-24, 2002 in Lamar, PA.