Archive - Sep 2002 - Story


September 17th

New Shire to Form in Barony Debatable Lands

King's Crossing, a new shire, is forming for Washington and Greene Counties in Pennsylvania.

SCA Membership Numbers Announced

The SCA Corporate Office has recently released membership numbers.

William Blackfox Award Nominations for A.S. 36 Announced

Nominations for the William Blackfox Awards for A.S. 36 were recently announced. These awards, which recognize excellence in chronicling were established in honor of the memory of artist William Blackfox and are presented annually.

Viscount Sir Peter D'Gaunt Noir Announces Challenge of Arms to Nobles of Lochac

In honor of his lady, Lady Rionach O'Melaghn, Viscount Sir Peter D'Gaunt Noir has announced a Challenge of Arms to all nobles of Lochac.

September 16th

Midrealm Mourns Passing of Cormac MacEoghain

It has been reported on the Rialto, with great sadness, that Lord Cormac MacEoghain, consort of Baroness Roxanne of Northwoods, passed away Saturday night, September 14.

New Royal Heirs in Kingdom of Outlands

Their Majesties, Bela and Elizabeth, presided over Crown Tournament this past weekend (September 14). Sir Darius of Jaxartes won the tournament for the honor of Her Excellency Kathryn of Iveragh.

Meridies Welcomes New King and Queen

Congratulations to Their Royal Majesties Gareth and Anneis, crowned as King and Queen of Meridies on September 14, A.S. XXXVII.

New Royals Crowned in Atlantia

On September 7,the Kingdom of Atlantia crowned Cuan McDaige and Padraigin O'hEachach as its new King and Queen.

Artemisia Crowns New Royalty

Congratulations to Their Royal Majesties Ibrahim al-Dimashqi and Alyna Isabel de Clare, crowned as King and Queen of Artemisia this past weekend (September 14).

September 12th Ready for User-Contributed News Items

Although we went online, technically, in August, is still a work in progress. A major milestone has been reached in that we are now ready for user-contributed news items.

September 11th

Great Western War Scheduled for October

Great Western War will be hosted by the Kingdom of Caid on October 9 through 14, inclusive.

Atenveldt Crown Tournament: New Heirs to the Throne

Congratulations to Sir Jonathan von Trotha and Lady Deille of Farnham!

Border Keep to Host Border Quest III

Border Keep, an Incipient Shire located in the modern vicinity of Marietta, Ohio, will host its third Border Quest on September 20-22, 2002.

September 10th

Drakelaw to Host Winter Rose II

The Incipient Shire of Drakelaw, sponsored by the Barony of Flame, will host the second annual Winter Rose event at a mountain lodge in northeastern Kentucky.