Archive - Sep 17, 2002 - Story


Ealdormere Requests Toys for Kids

Ealdormere will be collecting toys for local toy drives in September.

New Shire to Form in Barony Debatable Lands

King's Crossing, a new shire, is forming for Washington and Greene Counties in Pennsylvania.

SCA Membership Numbers Announced

The SCA Corporate Office has recently released membership numbers.

William Blackfox Award Nominations for A.S. 36 Announced

Nominations for the William Blackfox Awards for A.S. 36 were recently announced. These awards, which recognize excellence in chronicling were established in honor of the memory of artist William Blackfox and are presented annually.

Viscount Sir Peter D'Gaunt Noir Announces Challenge of Arms to Nobles of Lochac

In honor of his lady, Lady Rionach O'Melaghn, Viscount Sir Peter D'Gaunt Noir has announced a Challenge of Arms to all nobles of Lochac.