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September 30th

Backsword and Sidesword Classes at Tree-Girt-Sea

Gallowglass Academy and the Province of Tree-Girt-Sea announce classes on backsword and sidesword to be held Friday, January 17, and Saturday, January 18, 2003 in Chicago, IL.

East Kingdom Seeking Instructors for University

Instructors are being sought for the upcoming East Kingdom University to be held February 15, 2003 in Concordia of the Snows (Albany, NY).

Class Schedule for Drachenwald University Now Available

The class schedule and description for the Drachenwald University is now available online.

Ancient Art of Sword-Making Lecture to be Given

A lecture on the "Ancient Art of Sword Making" will be given November 5, 2002 at RPI in Troy, NY. The speaker will be Dr. Daniel Eylon from the University of Dayton.

Instructors Needed for Known World Costume Symposium III

Eirene, Autocrat for the Known World Costume Symposium III, has announced that registration is now open for gentles who would like to teach.

Duke Sir Morghan Sheridan Wins AEthelmearc Rapier Championship

Congratulation to Duke Sir Morghan Sheridan for winning the AEthelmearc Queen's Rapier Championship this weekend.

September 27th

Calontir Makes Pre-Registration Plans for Estrella War

Master Andrixos Seljukroctonis is seeking pre-registration information for those planning to attend the Estrella War in Atenvelt. Those who pre-register by October 31, 2002 will receive a $5.00 discount.

September 26th

Caid Tourney Decides Heirs

Lady Faizeh al-Zarqa of Medieval Times reports the results of Caid Crown Tournament

September 25th

Cleftlands Welcomes New Baron and Baroness

At the Court of TRM Valharic and Alys, Sir Ephraim ben Shlomo and Lady Madelaine Bouvier were invested as the second Baron and Baroness of Cleftlands.

Piffaro, the Renaissance Band, Comes to the Cleveland Museum of Art

Piffaro, the Renaissance Band, a six-member ensemble, will perform at the Cleveland Museum of Art Wednesday, October 2, 2002 at 7:30 pm. Tickets are $18.00 and $20.00 and may be purchased online or by contacting the Museum at 216-421-7350 or 1-888-CMA-0033.

Nordmark Coronet to Take Place December 13-15

Their Highnesses of Nordmark, Mans and Fenella, announce that the Nordmark Coronet will take place December 13-15, 2002 in the Barony of Styringheim in the beautiful medieval city of Visby.

September 24th

AEthelmearc Fall Academy to be Held in Shire of Hartstone

The Shire of Hartstone in AEthelmearc is still seeking instructors for the Fall Academy to be held November 16, 2002. Several tracks of classes will run simultaneously allowing attendees to pack in as much knowledge as possible in one day.

Future of Southron Gaard Still Undecided

When Lochac achieved kingdom status earlier this year, many members living in New Zealand expressed a desire to become part of that kingdom, but a recent poll was inconclusive.

"Ugly Garb" at Harvest Raid

The Shire of Heronter in AEthelmearc invites attendees of Harvest Raid to participate in an "Ugly Garb" contest sponsored by the Heronter Sewing Guild.

Report from the Baronial Court of Her Excellency Elspeth Keyfe of Neddingham

Court Herald Steffan ap Kennydd reports the results of the Baronial Court of Her Excellency Elspeth Keyfe of Neddingham, Baroness Bridge at the Return of Tolkien Tourney September 21, 2002 in the Kingdom of the East.

Class Instructors Needed for Estrella War

Lady Camilla Hazelwood, the Class Autocrat for this year's Estrella War, is looking for a few good gentles to teach classes.

Brynn MacLeland to Become Princess of the Mists

In a recent tournament, Brynn MacLeland was victorious and became the second Princess Regnant of the Mists by her own hand. She will be invested soon.

September 23rd

Peer/Non-Peer Ratio Survey Sparks Discussion in Drachenwald

A survey showing ratios between peers and non-peers in all kingdoms has sparked a discussion on the Drachenwald list, prompting kingdom residents to wonder where many of their former residents are now living.

Known World Mourns the Passing of Lord Riobard macSeoseph am Padraig

Lord Riobard macSeoseph am Padraig passed away September 22 from a seizure. More information will be available soon.

September 20th

Academy of St. Gabriel Web Site Boon for Heraldic Research

The Academy of St. Gabriel, a non-SCA volunteer service which helps with name and device research, offers a website for access to their services.

September 19th

From the Court of Their Majesties East Darius & Roxane

On September 14, 2002, Their Majesties Darius and Roxane held court at the St. Elegius Pentathalon for Arts and Sciences in Dragonship Haven. A number of awards were given as reported by His Excellency Baron Ernst Nuss von Kitzingen.

Sir Baldwin the Just Becomes Newest Midrealm Knight

At Harvest Day, on September 14, Baldwin the Just of Chelmsford, also known as Badger, became the newest knight in the Middle Kingdom.

Herbal & Apothecary Symposium to be Held in East Kingdom

On September 12, 2002, The Barony of Settmour Swamp in Maplewood, NJ, will host an Herbal and Apothecary Symposium.

Collegium of Defence to be Held in Dublin in November

A Collegium of Defense will be held in Dublin, Ireland November 6-10, 2002. The Renaissance event will concentrate on all manner of sword-play, but will also include many classes and other entertainments.

AEthelmearc Royal Court Held in Rhydderich Hael

September 14, 2002, Their Majesties AEthelmearc, James and Elina, held court in Their Barony of Rhydderich Hael. Here follows the report of happenings in Their court.

Homemade Energy Bars

Susan Kleiner and Susan Kundrat team up to provide several recipes for engergy bars you can make at home.

Stones and Glasshouses

Levantia: An Australian scholar examines the SCA and compares our notion of authenticity with what was actually practiced in our time period of study.

September 18th

Newsfeeds Available for Your Web Site

We are pleased to announce that now supports a machine-readable news feed that can be used, without charge, on other web sites.

Artes Draconis Seeking Articles on Beading

Mistress Siobhan, editor of the Artes Draconis, the A&S publication of the Middle Kingdom, has announced that she is seeking articles on beads and beading for a future issue.

September 17th

Ealdormere Requests Toys for Kids

Ealdormere will be collecting toys for local toy drives in September.