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University of New Paris to be Held in Estonia

The University of New Paris will be held January 17-19, 2003 in Tallinn, Estonia.

Renaissance Terracotta Brings Record Price

The Art Newspaper: Riccio's extraordinarily rare and tender terracotta of the Virgin and Child sold for a staggering

Magna Graecia Through Jan. 5 at the Cleveland Museum of Art

Magna Graecia, the groundbreaking exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Art is in its last few days. If you can, go there in person. If not, be sure to visit the on-line exhibition. The show features Western Greek art from eight different museums, and most pieces have never been seen in the US.

Coffee: "Lovelier Than a Thousand Kisses"

If you are a true worshipper of the Bean, you will want to visit the Coffee Science Information Centre for a scientific explanation of why coffee is the nectar of the gods.

Knattleikr - Not Just for Vikings Anymore

Bored? Looking for an exciting new/old game? Try Knattleikr, a cross between rugby and hurley, a Viking sport that will be demoed at the 2003 Medieval Conference.

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