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March 16th

[WES] Rivenoak's Fool's / Newcomer's Tourney

The Barony of Rivenoak wishes to invite all to join us for a day full of fun and adventure in our majestic Bidwell Park. The King and Queen of Misrule will be divined through Rivenoak’s arcane art of Divination by Cupcake. 

[DRA] Northern Frankmark Fighter Practice XV

It shall be proclaimed that once again it is time for practice in the north of Frankmark. All the honorable Heavy Fighters, Fencers and the whole populace of Drachenwald are welcome to improve their skills in the martial arts in ordinary for our Kingdom.

Date: 08.04.2011 - 10.04.2011
Time: Site is open from friday 08.04.2011 at 17h, saturday 09.04.2011 about 10h

[ATL] Feast Of St. George

Join us as we celebrate the Feast of St George the Dragon slayer.

March 11th

[ATL] Defending the Gate

The threat of war is over! Talk of the battles and victories from Pennsic and War of the Wings are now passing memories along with the winter fires. Farmers are preparing their fields for the spring and summer planting. The Canton of Sudentorre is celebrating our good fortunes with our friends and allies.

[ATL] Le Grand Tournoi d'Amitie Trois

Come see the might and majesty that the The Grand Tourney of Friends has to offer! This event combines Armored, Rapier, Archery, Equestrian, and A&S competitions all into one convenient package and is open to all from across the Knowne Worlde! Also, Their Excellencies Girard and Guenièvre will be choosing Their next Baronial Champions!

[DRA] Double Wars XXIV

The Shire of Attemark would once again like to welcome all gentles throughout the Known World to the Double Wars.

[CAL] Crown Tournament and The Tournament of Horse and Falcons

The Barony of Forgotten Sea is proud to provide the venue as the Barony of Mag Mor hosts Calontir’s 56th Crown Tournament!

[EAL] Crown Tournament of Aaron and Rustique

Crown Tournament of Aaron and Rustique Saturday May 28, 2011

[EAS] Carolingia 40th Anniversary Celebration

It has been a long and wonderful journey since the first event in Carolingia, the St. Valentine’s Day Ball held at Wellesley College in February of 1971. Come celebrate with us as the Barony of Carolingia honors the 40th Anniversary of it's founding with a celebration event.

[ATL] Feast of the Saints: St. Anthony of Padua

St. Anthony of Padua (1195-1231) is most popularly known as the patron saint of lost items. He is also the patron saint of barren women, amputees,  travelers, and many more found here. His passion for charity has inspired the charity activities at our event: Project Linus.

[ART] Otherhill A&S Demo

Artisians and Gentles, Fighters and Scholars! Your attendance is requested at an event seldom seen in the outer marches of the fair Kingdom of Artemisia! The Shire of Otherhill will host an Arts & Sciences Demo/Competition and Fighter Practice on March 26, 2011.

[LOC] Rapier Tournament and French Assassins Ball

Master Cormac and Mistress Elspeth have been selected by Their Majesties to be the first Baron and Baroness of Krae Glas. But disturbing rumours have reached us that not everybody is happy with this decision and there will be trouble at the ball.

[EAL] Youth In Charge - POSTPONED

The youth rebel and take over the SCA for one day. Come one come all to the Youth In Charge event in the Shire of Trinovantia Nova. This will be an event like know other.

[ATE] Coronation and Champion's

Join us in a wonderful solar display in the merry month of May, as we bid farewell to our beloved monarch's Phelan and Amirah and watch their heirs Arthur and Gabrielle ascend the throne of all Atenveldt.

[WES] Spring Offensive

Unto the known world does the Baron and Baroness of Selviergard issue this challenge to come forth unto the field of honor and display your skill in a Pas d'armes for heavy and rapier fighters. In true spirit of the dream march unto the field with your banners flying. Enjoy the start of the summer in Oertha and then let the Spring Offensive Begin.

[WES] Rumble in the Jungle 2

Greetings to one and all! The Canton of Golden Playne would like to invite anyone who is interested to come join us the weekend after Songkran for the Tournament of the Tiger! This is the first three day event the Canton has thrown together, and there should be lots of fun, fighting, and feasting.

[OUT] Battlemoor II

Please join us again as we spend the week in the shadow of the beautiful Rocky Mountains! 

[LOC] Hastilude

The Canton of Cluain does invite all to attend our first ever Hastilude.

[ART] Crown Tourney

Your Presence is requested at the tourney to determine the heirs to the Griffin Thrones. The tourney will be hosted by the Barony of Sentinels’ Keep on the second of April 2011. Please join us for this momentous occasion.

[ART] Spring Feast

The Barony of Sentinels' Keep wishes to invite you to attend our celebration of the end of Winter — Spring Feast! In true form with putting the cold snowy hearth-trapped days behind us we will be hosting tournaments in all areas of SCA activities!

[OUT] Bardic Guild Hall Revel

Thou art invited! BARDIC GUILD HALL REVEL on 3rd FRIDAY, MARCH 18, 2011 7pm-?

[WES] Baronial Changeover

April 16-17, 2011 Baronial Changeover Barony of Winter's Gate (Fairbanks, AK)

[DRA] Meadowmarsh Boot-Camp

This is not a medieval event – it is just for fighting, learning and teaching…No garb, no nothing … just fighting!

[ANS] Salado Market Days & Medieval Knights

Join the Stronghold of Hellsgate as we bring the beauty & magic of a Medieval Market Place to the people of Historic Salado, TX. (this is a Demo ~ No Site Fee)

[EAS] King Lucan VIII and Queen Jana V Coronation

Come one, come all and join the Barony of the Bridge at this most magnificent occasion when the East Kingdom will celebrate the passing of the Crown to Lucan VIII & Jana V.

Great Gotemba Tourney

In the tradition of the medieval tournaments, Castle Tintagel is organizing a medieval festival that will provide fun for all. For the fighters, there will be one on one tournments, melees, and even a fighting at night under the stars.

[AET] Heralds and Scribes

Let the word go forth that the Shire of Sterlynge Vayle will be hosting Heralds and Scribes on April 2, 2011 at the Trinity Memorial Church, 44 Main St., Binghamton NY.

[AET] Thrown Weapons Regional

The Shire of Heronter would like to invite you to a regional thrown weapons practice to be held at an indoor site! Come knock the rust off those axes, knives and spears...

[OUT] Feast of Fools

Come test your skills of chivalry at Dragonsspine's Feast of Fools Where one brave soul will be named
The Gallant of Dragonsspine! (also known as the Lord/Lady of Misrule)

[GLE] Coronation of Havordh and Morgana

Come join the Barony of Axemoor in celebration of the Coronation of Havordh and Morgana, April 8-10, 2011