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August 27th

[DRA] Autumn Atelier

As the long days grow shorter and the glorious summer marches toward autumn, it is again time to take out those projects and ideas which the fine weather bade us set aside.  To this purpose, I would like to invite one and all to our Autumn Atelier!

[ATE] Pillage, Plunder, Pluck and Poke

It is time again for the Shire of Granholme's annual Pillage, Plunder, Pluck and Poke. We invite you to join us for a day of tournaments, camaraderie and feasting. This year's event will be held at the Villago Park in Casa Grande, Arizona in Ramada D at the back of the park.

[GLE] Slay the Dragon

The humble Shire of Vogelburg ask for help in defeating the Evil Dragon.  We are in great need of warriors to help us.  We have no Knight and our Squires and fighters have been eaten!!!

[ATE] Dragons Horde

The foul smell of brimstone is once again starting to upset the peace of the lands and unsettling rumblings can be heard in the distance. The whispered word is that the evil spawn that once ravished the land at their whim, are once again descending on this fair barony.

[CAL] King's Companie of Archers

King's Companie of Archers Hosted by the Shire of Oakheart September 11-12th, 2001

[MID] Harvest Day

Join us for our Barony's 30-year Anniversary as we celebrate "Harvest Day's Greatest Hits", a collection of favorite activities from Harvest Days of yore:

[WES] Barony of Tarnmist Harvest Feast

The Barony of Tarnmist invites all good gentles and nobles to celebrate the beauty of the fall season at our annual Harvest Feast on October 23, 2010.

[ANS] War of Ages

The Shire of Ffynnon Gath bring you an even like no other: War of Ages, October 22-24, 2010.

[ANS] Seawinds Defender XIV

The Shire of Seawinds invites one and all to join us as we choose our next Defenders. Compete for the honor and glory in the following categories: Chivlaric, Rapier, Archery, Arts and Science, Bardic and Gustatory

[ATL] Baronial Birthday and Investiture

Please join us in celebrating the birth of our Barony and the investiture of our new Baron and Baroness. Our theme, inspired by the exquisite Unicorn tapestries is France, circa 1500, the dawn of the 16th century.

[WES] Rivenoak Championship Tourney

Baron Gregory has lamented upon the fact that the swords and bows of his warriors have been so active in lands beyond the sheltering boughs of our mighty riven oak but have been silent of late within its shade.

[WES] Winter's Gate Captaincy

Come join us in the Far North as we once again choose a mighty Captain for Winter's Gate's brave militia! Find out who will succeed our handsome and dashing Heart of Winter's Gate! Find out if the ladies will swoon with joy again!

[ATE] Barony of Atenveldt's Baronial Anniversary

As has now become the tradition, it is time to pick a new lord and lady of love. The couple need not be a married pair, and the lord and lady of love will be chosen individually.

[ATE] Chocolate Revel

People have been marking and celebrating the Autumnal Equinox for thousands of years.

[EAL] Coronation

The Coronation of Etain and Valfreya, hosted by Petrea Thule September 25, 2010.  

[LOC] Yule Feast

The Barony of Rowany will once again have it's well-accustomed Yule Feast, on Saturday the eleventh day of December at Petersham Town Hall, being stewarded by Anton de Stoc.

[LOC] Agaricus Masquerade Ball

My lords and my ladies, The Shire of Agaricus will be holding its inaugural Masquerade Ball October 9, 2010.

[AET] Siege of Glengary

Are you home sick? Missing the fun and joy of Pennsic? We invite you to spend the weekend with us living the Dream. The Siege of Glengary has a little bit of everything and will keep you busy and your day filled with fun!

[MER] Daggers And Hemlock IV

Join the Shire of Phoenix Glade as we partake in Murder, Mayhem, and feasting in the classic Roman Style. Enjoy a grand feast! Arts! Sciences! And fighting! in air-conditioned comfort.

August 26th

[DRA] Yule Ball

To the luminous and enlightened populace of Drachenwald whose radiance shines forth upon the Knowne World like a guiding light unto the travel-weary, doth the Shire of Flintheath light their beacon to welcome all to their great winter festival of Yule Ball.

[ANT] Harvest Feast

The Shire of Midhaven has had a plentiful harvest and we invite you to share of it at our Harvest Feast on Saturday, November 20, 2010. The feast will be in the Byzantine fashion in honor of Their Excellencies Hauk & Rosamund of Aquaterra.

[LOC] On Ilkla Moor

The Hundred of Okewaite (Goulburn NSW) announces the 2010 "On Ilkla Moor"
camping event.

[EAS] Emerald Glen Cadell

Once upon a time, there was a lady who had a horse, an equestrian center, and friends who also had horses. This lady decided that an equestrian event would be a wonderful opportunity for her friends to enjoy the day, Therefore, all Ye Equestrians come to a gathering to be held September 11, 2010!!

[GLE] Gleann Abhann Coronation

All are invited to attend Gleann Abhann Fall Coronation!

[MER] Meridian Grand Tournament

Meridians rally to your Crown, warriors don harness and helm, hoist your banners, put on your best household livery, grab your list tree shield, hold close the honor of your inspiration, and attend. At this illustrious event, we ask all to display their heraldry, banners, and wear their Meridian best to cheer these honored combatants in a full day devoted to heavy combat.

[NOR] Fall Coronation

The Coronation of Hrodir and Anne -- A Coronation set in Viking Age York -- Hosted by:  Shire of Orlova Dolina

[NOR] Brrr... A Dern Cold Day in Hale Resurrected!

Come join your brothers and sisters in a day of fun, friends and learning as we
gather to share in the arts and sciences of our fellows! Bring your projects!

[MID] Fox Hunt VI

Good gentles and ladies all, our annual hunt is fast approaching and this year we are doubly blessed that the Ladies of the Rose have elected to grace our hunt with their most glorious Tournament of the Rose and Their Royal Majesties Radagaisus and Ceinwen will seal the day’s activities with the investiture of the Baron and Baroness of Ayreton.

[DRA] Civil War

Once again the Shire of Juneborg invites you all to the Civil War and a weekend filled with fighting, crafts and good food!

[ANS] Gothic Wars XIX

The Shire of Blacklake and the Shire of Trelac proudly bring you Gothic Wars XIX
September 3 - September 6, 2010 in Sweetwater, Texas.