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March 30th

[MER] Fool's War 21

On April 1-4, 2010, at Lake Tobesofkee Recreation Area, Sandy Beach Park in Macon, Georgia, the Shire of Tir Briste brings you... Fool's war 21

[MID] Oaken Regional Cooking and Bardic Symposium

Join the Marche of Three Towers for: Oaken Regional Cooking and Bardic Symposium April 10, 2010

March 29th

[WES] Collegium Eskalyae

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Please join the Barony of Eskalya for a Collegium on the 17th of April, 2010.  Classes will include Viking Clothing, Viking Embellishment, Anglo-Saxon Women's Clothing, Mentioning the Unmentionables, Coil Pottery, Leather Shield handles, and much more. 

March 27th

[CAL] Calontir Arts & Sciences Championship

Kingdom of Calontir Arts & Sciences Championship & Tri-levels Hosted by the Shire of Crystal Mynes

[NOR] Northshield Coronation

Northshield's Coronation (Spring 2010) At Which Their Royal Highnesses Tom and Sigrid
Become Their Most Royal Majesties Tom and Sigrid of Northshield

Medieval Studies Conference

Penn State is pleased to announce the twenty-second Medieval Studies conference will be held on Saturday, May 1, 2010 in the Weaver Building on the University Park campus of the Pennsylvania State University.

[ATL] Le Grand Tournoi d'Amitie

The Cantons of Elvegast and Attilium combine forces again to  invite you to join us the weekend of April 16-18, 2010 for The Great Tournament of Friends at Little River Trails in Bunn Level, NC. 

[EAL] Lady Mary 23

There's everything you've come to expect from the Lady Mary Tournament and more! Bring on the pageantry! Especially during the processional at 12 noon. Their Excellencies, Richard Larmer and Annabelle Makmyllane, will be selecting the Barony's champions on this day.

SewFest West 2010

SewFest West 2010 is a public event for people who love needle arts such as sewing, quilting, embroidering, beading, embellishing, stitching, dyeing and felting to name just a few.

[MID] Fighter Symposium & Regional Fighter Practice

Fighter Symposium & Regional Fighter Practice May 15, 2010 Sponsored by: Barony of Carraig Ban, P.I.C. Elv Av Tiden, & The Shire Foxvale

March 21st

[EAL] Coronation of Quillam and Dagmar

Join us to celebrate!  There will be an armoured combat tournament,
youth combat tournament, feasting and singing.

Rideau Acres
1014 Cunningham Rd., Kingston
K7L 4V3

Take exit #623, Hwy 15. Turn North (right if travelling from the East, left if travelling from the West).

[CAI] Spring Potrero War

Hosted by the Barony of Calafia, in the Kingdom of Caid, at the Potrero Regional Park Thursday May 27, 2010 - Monday May 31, 2010.

[EAL] Fencing Practice

I just wanted to send out a reminder to people that we are having a large
scale fencing practice in Der Welfengau on Sunday, April 11, 2010.

[WES] Great Western War XIII

We're gearing up for the THIRTEENTH celebration of the Great Western War!

[ATE] Practicum of the Sword IV

Come Join Us In The Barony of Starkhafn for swordsmanship, friends, and food! We welcome all to another weekend of classes in The Art of Defence and Chivalric Combat taught by modern masters of historic swordplay as well as classes on garb and other aspects of import to the well rounded swordsman and swordswoman.

[WES] West An Tir War 2010

Their Majesties of the West invite the Known World to take part in the grand War against the great and noble Kingdom of An Tir.

[DRA] Winchester Pilgrimage

Come all ye pilgrims and travellers, and join the Shire of West
Dragoningshire for a pilgrimage at the Hospital of St Cross and Almshouse
of Noble Poverty.

[MID] North Oaken A&S Faire

Come One Come all, Join us to test your meddle in this year's North Oaken A&S Faire.

[ANT] Honor War

Stories tell of heated words this past fall in the Court of King Cedric, at Baron’s Ball. Witnesses speak of Baroness Araviere of Wealdsmere accusing Baroness Stjarna of Wastekeep of stealing away her Courtiers.

[ANT] Art of War 2010

A Known World Premier War Training Focused Event. For fighters of all arts: War Rapier, War Archery, and Heavy fighters

Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire

Bring Your Family and Friends and help us celebrate one of the Largest Theatrical Events in WASHINGTON State!

[ATE] Wasteland War Games

Please join the Shire of Windale for Wasteland War Games, sure to be an enjoyable event for entire family.

March 7th

[MID] Spring Coronation

The Baronial members are working hard to make Their Highnesses Coronation special and memorable.  We have planned many activities throughout the day and feasting and revelry for the evening.

[MID] Qaina

Qaina: A Middle Eastern Dance & Music Event sponsored by the Barony of Brendoken

[ART] Tour of the Iberian Peninsula

As winter recedes and Artemisia welcomes the new and glorious Monarchs from the Northern lands, our thoughts turn to exploration.

[ATL] Moose Tale Collegium

Highland Foorde has lost its moose! The head moose succumbed to summer
fevers two summers ago, and ever since, the herd has slowly disbanded. Our populace has been beside itself in worry over our beloved beasts. We are holding a tournament and collegium in hopes that the activities will call to our moose to return home.

[EAS] Royal University and Knights College

The Shire of Anglespur is proud to sponsor the East Kingdom Royal University and Knights college.

[OUT] Battlemoor: Mountain Crusades

Battle in the shadows of mighty Outlandish mountains. Take classes and share knowledge on subjects evocative of the age of the Crusades. Watch talented artisans practice their art on Artisans Row and spend pleasant hours with friends on Merchants Row.

[MER] Silver Star Tourney

The stars predict that you will join us for Silver Star Tourney and that you just might win the Silver Star Open A&S Faire!

[MID] Winged Hills Collegium

The Marche of the Winged Hills presents Winged Hills Collegium and South Oaken Regional Arts & Sciences Faire