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December 27th

[LOC] November Crown 2011

House Radburne will be hosting November Crown 2011 in the far western reaches of the Barony of Rowany from the 4th to 6th November 2011.

The theme will be Lochac (red, white and blue).

Steward: Katrijn van Delden

Friday 4th November
Site opens at 12pm for camping set up

[MID] Winter Dance & Game Revel

Dance & Game Revel held on February 26, 2011 in Fairport Harbor, OH. This gala event will feature all of your favorite dances, period games, food and fun! Bring cordials, mead and other brews to enjoy with friends during the festivities and games to play until the wee hours of the morning.

[ATE] Granite Mountain Baronial Investiture

Granite Mountain has been hammering and forging for 3 long years.and now our dream is about to come true!!! Please come and celebrate with us as we end the journey of Shire and embark on a new and greater journey as Atenveldt's newest Barony!!

[GLE] Winter Wonders XXV

As winter settles across the land come join us for a celebration of 25 years of this glorious event. Tourneys abound, with a torchlight bridesmaid tourney Friday night, a TOC qualifier, and a warlord tourney on Saturday.

[GLE] Newbie Collegium 2011

Rumors of illness have begun to spread throughout the fair Kingdom of Gleann Abhann -- whispers of a plague most foul. The Shire of Lagerdamm offers sanctuary from this rumored plague to all good gentles who seek it, as well as an invitation to join us for this next Newbie Collegium 2011.

[ANS] Crown Tournament

Unto the populace of Ansteorra do Their Royal Majesties Ulsted and Ebergardis invite you to Crown Tournament at Castleton January 15, 2011  in the Barony of Bryn Gwlad

Site Information
Site Opens: Friday the January 14  at 6pm
Site Closes: Sunday January 16 at 12 Noon.
Gate fees: Adults $10.00 Youth ( 12-17) $5
Family Max $30

National Historical Swordsmanship Convention 2011

The NATIONAL HISTORICAL SWORDSMANSHIP CONVENTION (NHSC, pronounced "Nisk") is a 3-day special event that brings top level instruction in early-Renaissance European swordsmanship to fencers of all experience levels. NHSC will provide an integrated, focused approach that will take your historical fencing to the next level.

[MID] Better War Through Archery

The Barony of Sternfeld is proud to present... Better War Through Archery Saturday, January 29, 2010

[CAL] Calontir’s Fifty-Fifth Crown Tournament

One of the most important tasks set before the Crown is the establishment of a secure line of succession, thus assuring the peaceful transition of power in the event of the untimely demise of our Beloved King and Queen. The ancient and noble traditions of our Society call for the Successors to be chosen by Combat, and the Crown Tournament is the chosen vehicle for this Rite.

[EAS] A Shire Twelve Night 1078

The year comes to a close here in the small demense of Fair Haven Hall. Travelers and subjects of the manor make the trek to the small Northumbrian hamlet to spend the final day of the Christmastide in music dance, games, merriment and a camaraderie little seen outside the immense oaken doors of the picturesque hall.

[WES] New Year's Eve

Looking for something to do on New Year's Eve? Everyone is welcome to The Baronial Keep in Selviergard. We shall open our home for games, bardic, food, fighting, and whatever else we may think to do.

December 15th

[LOC] Baxtons Bash-A-Rama

Been to or going to Canturbury Faire?
Can't quite beat those pesky Knights?
Well come on over to Baxtons bash-a-rama in the Canton of Cluain.

[ART] 12th Night Celebration

Come join Baron and Baroness Aaron and Elizabeth celebrate the first anniversary of their glorious reign.

[LOC] Red & White Holi Day

Reserve a place in your calendar for Willoughby Vales annaul - Red & White event.

[EAL] A Day of Renaissance Dancing

A Day of Renaissance Dancing (Christmas Practice) in Orangeville

December 10th

[ART] Solstice Court 2010

As the days grow shorter and the nights long and cold, the Sun seems to have died and left the world in darkness. Please join the ancient and glorious Barony of Loch Salann in celebrating the Winter Solstice and the return journey of the Sun.

[EAS] Twelfth Night

One and all are invited to the Barony of Settmour Swamp to attend their Majesties Gryffith and Aikaterine celebration of Twelfth Night, a joyous and warming celebration to chase away the darkness of the winter days and fill our halls with laughter and light.

[GLE] Academy of Fashion and Design

AFD will take place in Jackson, MS at the Eagle Ridge Confrence Center January 22, 2011. Site opens at 8am and closes at 5pm

[OUT] War Practice

Warriors! You have, yet again, an opportunity to show your Prowess and Might! Be it with Spear, Axe, or Sword, join your Comrades on the Field of Battle as we prepare to invade Atenveldt.

[ATE] Barony of SunDragon Solstice

Baron Robert Aonghus of Loch Mohr and Baroness Theresa von Elp invite you to join them on December 18, 2010 at the Apostles Lutheran Church for a celebration of Solstice. They also encourage you to bring a toy for Toys for Tots, new in package and no stuffed animals.

[ATE] Granite Mountains Polling

The time is upon us, we will no longer be KNOWN as the Shire of Granite Mountain, but as the BARONY of Granite Mountain. I call upon ALL paid adult members to come and help select the future of our group by voting in the polling, I call upon ALL active persons who play but are not members to either get a membership and vote, or just come out and support the group.

[ATL] Winter Solstice 2010

As the chill wind blows and flurries swirl, we invite you to gather in the halls of St. Timothy's in Crois Brigte for festivities that will keep you filled with warm memories throughout the coming winter season.

Barunin Gisela and her trusted staff will delight you with a day filled with friendship, laughter, feasting and fun!

St. Timothy's Episcopal Church

[ATE] Winter Tourney

Be it known that a tournament will be held in the south western most region of our beautiful lands of Atenveldt. All warriors, consorts, and curious bystanders are invited to the Shire of Burning Sands for it's annual Yuletide tournament.

December 9th

[MER] Knight's Gambit

Welcome one and all to ALL the fighting you can stand. Come fight those Knights that you’ve heard about, but have yet to meet. This again, will be a training session with the Knights – one on one with each Knight until you are too tired to do anything but sit for an amazing feast and relax. There will also be tourney(s) in the morning.

[EAL] Winter War XIII

A most noble celebration of winter's end and the coming of spring Saturday, March 5th, 2011 10:00am till 10:30pm

[MID] Twelfth Night at the Barony of Cynnabar

The Barony of Cynnabar opens its doors and invites you in from the cold weather to enjoy the company of friends and family as we host Pentamere's 2010 Twelfth Night! This year's Twelfth Night will be held in Dixboro, just east of Ann Arbor, and promises to be a day of music, art, classes and delicious food - we hope to see you there!

[AET] Blackstone Raid XX

Allies of AEthelmearc heed our call!!! As we begin to stir from beneath the heavy blanket of winter, so to does the Dragon of the Kingdom of the Midrealm stir from its slumber and cast its greedy eye towards our fair land and its precious black stones. The time has come to rally together and be counted among those who will stand against the might of the Midrealm and protect our Sylvan lands!

[CAL] Clothier's Seminar XXVI

The Clothier's Seminar is an annual event that revolves around the one necessity that we all need, clothes. Come join us for a day of classes, discussion and camaraderie.

Shadowcon XV

Not too much on your horizon for January? Wish you could fight in a nice, lit, warm, DRY place? Wishing you could wear that nice summer garb you made just one more time? Or is Darth Vader your favored look for the winter? We have it all: SHADOWCON XV!!

[CAI] Barony of the Angels Yule

Come celebrate the Yule season with the Angels family. Show off your culinary skills at another fantastic Angels potluck. Join in the table decorating and dessert contests. Take part in the bardic and gaming championships. Create an awesome ornament for the ornament raffle or ornament exchange (or both!)? Rumor has it Father Christmas will be visiting as well.