Archive - Oct 7, 2010 - Event

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[AET] Queen's Rapier Championship

Her Royal Majesty has decided that all sly swordsmen (and women) of slashing steel should compete to be Her Royal Champion of the Fence. In order to decide who will fill this prestigious role, She has asked the Shire of Stormsport (Erie, PA) to host a grand tournament on October 9, 2010.

[MID] Mid-Realm Bardic Madness XII

Greetings and welcome are bid to all Bards, Troubadors, Trouveres, Minstrels, Minnesingers, Jongleurs, Singers, Storytellers, Poets, Scops, Skalds, Fillids, Olaves, Griots, Wordsmiths, and Friends of these arts. Also Musicians, Dancers, Jugglers, Magicians, and Players as well.

[DRA] Fortuna’s Champion VII

Is Fortuna, Lady of Luck and Fortune, smiling on you? Are you her favorite? Or will you be crushed under her constantly rolling wheel? Come and find out on a weekend of gaming and gambling!

[AET] Candle in the Dark

Come join the Dominion of Myrkfaelinn on October 30, 2010 between 9am and 10pm as we celebrate the end of the summer, and light a candle against the coming darkness. The event will be at the 4H site at 418 Lower CREEK Road, just off Route 13 in Ithaca, NY 14850.

[OUT] Northern Toys for Tots Drive

As the days grow shorter and the air grows cooler the time has come to turn thoughts toward giving back to our communities. This years Toy for Tots drive will be open to the public. Let's put our best efforts into making this a success for the community and our organization.

[ATE] Baronial Champions

To all who come to see these letters do we, Edward and Annalies, Baron and Baroness of Atenveldt, and we, Morgan and Elizabeth, Baron and Baroness of Twin Moons, send warm greetings.


Fall RUSH October 23, 2010

[GLE] Havoc

HAVOC October 22 - 24, 2010 at the Caney Conference Centre in Minden, LA

[AET] Fall Session of AEthelmearc AEcademy

The skillful and scholarly roam throughout the Sylvan Lands of AEthelmearc, yet from time to time they gather together in one place to share their knowledge and talents with the populace. The Barony of Thescorre is pleased to invite you to attend the Fall Session of AEthelmearc AEcademy on November 13, 2010.

Woodstock Fleece Festival

The Woodstock Fleece Festival is an annual event that invites fibre artists and others to join together in an atmosphere of appreciation, learning and camaraderie. The show will incorporate workshops and demonstrations from top instructors.  Exhibition booths will be selling everything from raw fibre to quality finished goods.  It is also a great place to have lunch!

[MER] Talmere Tourney

All ye Meridien Gentles are invited to enjoy and compete in the annual Talmere Tourney. Champions will be crowned in Heavy and Rapier fighting. Prizes will be awarded for Arts and Sciences, and for the talented Bards among you as well.

[WES] Northern Hawk Tourney

Have you ever wished you could have a practice tournament before signing up or helping out for a real one? Are there any Herald's out there who'd like a chance to practice Tourney litany before the real thing? How about any budding List coordinators. I'll even take those who'd like to practice being a Marshall in Charge!

[NOR] Stellar University of Northshield

The Barony of Nordskogen invites you to: The Stellar University of Northshield (SUN) Saturday, November 13, 2010

[ANS] Northern Regional Fighter Practice

On Sunday October 17t, 2010 from 11am to 5pm the Canton of Skorragardr will be hosting a Northern Regional Fighter Practice at the Kidspace park in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

[GLE] Regional Rapier Practice

I am pleased to announce a regional Rapier fighter practice, to be held in conjunction with the Shire of Wyrmgeist fighter practice on the afternoon of Sunday, October 10, 2010.  If Diamond Wars is out of reach, come play with us instead.

[GLE] Harvest Home

It's that time again, Fall and time for the Shire of Northover to host Harvest Home. As is our habit, we are trying to have an event which is a little different from the norm. This year's theme should prove to be unique and very exciting.

[AET] Hunter's Moon

In this, the time of first frosts and final harvests, this is a time of letting go and clearing away. This is a time of inner cleansing to make way for the justice of karma and a time for seeking shelter in friendship and community. In the calendar system, this moon is typically named the Blood Moon, or "HUNTERS MOON".