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July 30th

[CAL] Tournament of Valor XXX

The Barony of Vatavia presents the 30th Tournament of Valor, September 4-7, 2009.

SITE: Presbyterian Church Youth Camp, 9601 West 73rd Street North, Valley Center, KS 67217

Site Opens 5:00p.m., Friday the 4th and Site closes at Noon, Monday the 7th

DIRECTIONS: Take your best route to I-135 in Wichita, KS. Follow I-135 to the north edge of Wichita, to K-96 West.

July 28th

[OUT] Outlands Fall Crown Tournament

Outlands Fall Crown Tournament
September 12-13, 2009, Barony of Caerthe

July 24th

[ATL] Post Pennsic: One More Night at the Casbah

The Barony of Storvik, jewel of Atlantia, invites you to join them for a day of Eastern Arts, fun, and frivolity at their Post Pennsic Dessert Revel, or, One More Night at the Casbah.

[OUT] Here There Be Dragons

Good Lords, Ladies, and gentle folk of the northern world, the Shire of Plattfordham brings you welcome and invites one and all to come join us for a weekend of great fighting, food and general merriment aplenty!

July 19th

[ANS] Steppes Artisan and Elfsea Baronial College

Are you looking to enter into an Arts and Sciences Display? Are you wanting to learn more about the SCA or take a class or two? Then we have the perfect event for you. On August 15th 2009, please join us for the Steppes Artisan and Elfsea Baronial College.

[EAS] St. Festus Faire

The Barony of Dragonship would like to welcome you to St. Festus Faire, a weekend truce from the Hundred Years War. The weekend of September 11th-13th will be a weekend of camping, a Pas D'Armes Tourney, A Glorious Feast, A Laurel's Challenge, an Arts and Sciences Competition, youth fighting, a bardic circle, and lots of fun.

European Textile Forum

Working in historical textile crafts can be a very lonely affair. So why not get together and see what all the others are doing?

[DRA] Autumn Crown Tournament

The Shire of Aventiure invites all of the Kingdom of Drachenwald to attend and cheer on all the worthy warriors and their lovely consorts for the honor of becoming the new Heirs.

[MER] Meridian Grand Tourney 2009

Meridians rally to your Crown, warriors don harness and helm, hoist your banners, put on your best household livery, grab your list tree shield, hold close the honor of your inspiration, and attend. At this illustrious event, we ask all to display their heraldry, banners, and wear their Meridian best to cheer these honored combatants in a full day devoted to heavy combat.

[ANT] Dragon’s Down

The Shire of Fire Mountain Keep invites you to attend our Heavy Tournament Saturday. Our Rapier Tournament will be Sunday am! Also there will be Archery.

July 17th

[MID] Harvest Days and Tournament of Chivalry

Harvest Days and Tournament of Chivalry to take place at Their Majesties' pleasure September 4-6 AS XLIV

[GLE] Blackwood's Summer Sizzle

Join Shire Blackwood for Fighter Practice & Fellowship!

[MID] Norse Life and Culture Seminar

Announcing, a Norse Life and Culture Seminar April 10, 2010 Canton of Three Hills (Kalamazoo, Michigan)

[WES] Shire Wars

Come one and all to the War of the Shires! Teufelberg and Canale will go to battle at Camp Herms in El Cerrito on August 21st thru 23 (Gate opens at noon on Friday and closes at 5 on Sunday)

[ANT] Autumn War

My Lords and Ladies. The Barony of Blatha an Oir and the Barony of Stromgard, being unable to settle their differences peacefully, have 'regretfully' announced that they have no choice but to settle them on the battlefield.

July 9th

[DRA] Brot,Wurst and Horseredish I

The Shires Aventiure and Bärennau invite you to Brot,Wurst and Horseradish I.

Attend this Weekend with Games and War and fight with your own fabulist skills ! Fight for one side : Horseredish tasty or not !

July 8th

[MER] Universitatis Meridies

Universitatis Meridies July 17-19, 2009 Georgia Southwestern State University - 800 Georgia Southwestern State University Drive Americus, Georgia 31709

[DRA] Störtebeker's Sons - The Revenge

The Shire of Two Seas invites the noble Ladies and Gentlemen of Drachenwald to a weekend with pirates and merchants, fighting and feasting and a lot of fun to take part in!

Last year, the reckless pirates took the prize, but this year the angered merchants prepare to strike back.

[GLE] Barbarian Brawl

The Incipient Canton of Southtower Presents Barbarian Brawl July 24, 25, and 26, 2009

[MID] Middle Kingdom 40th Year Celebration

The Incipient Barony of Ayreton presents Middle Kingdom 40th Year Celebration Saturday and Sunday, October 3rd – 4th, 2009 A celebration of the History and Legends of the Midrealm

July 7th

[OUT] Defender's Folly

Since our conquest of the Northern Outlands is complete, we decided that this year would be a good time to combine Jester's Folly and Caer Galen Defender.

[MID] A Simple Day in the Country

The Barony of Sternfeld in Indiana presents A Simple Day in the Country July 17th to 19th, 2009 Last Chance to Authorize before Pennsic! Enjoy a satiating Feast, Dancing, Bardic Circle and Friends after a Great day of Classes, Melees, Archery and Fighting!

[ATL] Atlantia Fall Coronation

Their Royal Highnesses Vladimir and Kalisa have chosen the lands of Stierbach to take their elevation to the Rightful Throne of Atlantia. Messengers have informed them that Stierbach’s Natal Celebration has been set for the last weekend in August. TRHs have chosen to join the two into one massive celebration. Pack your wagons and journey to Stierbach for what will be the event of the season!