Archive - May 16, 2009 - Event


[ART] Regional Fighter's Practice

The shire of Castelleone Nuovo (Helena, MT) will be hosting a regional fighter's practice at Memorial Park on Sunday, May 24, 2009. In preparation for Uprising, we will be focusing on melees, but there'll be plenty of time for one-on-one work too.

[ATE] Highland War XV

The Northern Army and their numerous allies have stopped the southern invasion of Ered Sul… but at what cost? For Barons and Knights and noble warriors and artisans must return home to tend to their estates, while mercenaries and storm-crows can remain behind, plotting.

[OUT] Dragonsspine Warlord and Champions

Come one, come all to Dragonsspine Champions. A day full of events for the martially inclined. This is the yearly contest of the best fighters of the Barony (and any visitors who think they are up to the challenge) for the position of Warlord (Heavy), Defender (Light), and Captain (Archery).

[OUT] Baron's War

This year we aim to bring much fun and enjoyment to Dragonsspine with Baron’s War: The Naughty Pirate. There will be fighting, there will be contests, there will be merry making a plenty. There will be so much that you have to see it to believe it! So come to Dragonsspine to find out what all the fuss is about. You’ll be sad you missed it if you do.

[WES] Winter's Gate Captaincy

A call resounds through the forests and hills of our beloved homeland unto the bravest and boldest warriors of the north! The time has arrived once again to select a new Captain of Winter's Gate. Many mighty warriors will fall in the quest to select the most worthy, but it is a sacrifice we are willing to accept, and will honor the fallen with much pomp and circumstance.

[GLE] Gleann Abhann Live Weapons Championship

Summer is approaching. How do you intend to welcome it in? Why not come to Camp Taloha in Pine Bluff, AR June 5-7 for the Gleann Abhann Live Weapons Championship!

[MER] Summer Regional Fighter Practice

Unto the Good Populace of Meridies, On the date of Saturday, June 13th, 2009, from 10:00am to 4:00pm, Red Sword Company and Griffin Company, in conjunction with members of the Shire of Owl’s Nest will host this summer’s Regional Fighter Practice and Demo!!!

[WES] Cynagua Spring Coronet

The time has come to once again journey to the unpredictable mountains of Quincy; expect the unexpected in terms of weather as Their Highnesses host the tournament to dertermine their successors on Sunday morning.

[CAL] Ages of War

The Shires of Heraldshill and Silfren Mere are co-sponsoring Ages of War: The Rus vs. The World 27-30 August 2009 at the Floyd County Fairgrounds

[ANT] Lionsdale Champions Tourney

The Shire of Lionsdale invites one and all to witness the making of our new Champions in Armoured Combat, Target Archery, and Combat Archery!

[ANS] Passa de Arms

Greetings Ansteorra! The Shire of Adlersruhe wishes to invite you to these seasons Passa de Arms Tournament. Come and compete for a Title in one of 5 great events. We will have a double elimination hold the field Chivalric and Rapier tournament. There will be a challenging Archery Hunt. Also, an A&S and Bardic competition you won't want to miss. Finally, we will hold a novice tournament on Sunday for people with less than 1 year of training.

[ANT] Summer Hunt V

You are invited to Summer Hunt V July 24-6, 2009. Our championship is in honor of Baron Julian. The winner carries a token for the year that was created by Baroness Arianne and features on of Julian's winning medals from Archery.

[EAL] Summer Siege

The Drums of War are Pounding! The armies are massing, the defences are set! The storehouses are filled and the populace is braced for a long siege. Will the brave defenders be able to fend off the attacking horde? Will the attacking army breach the defences and conquer the territory?