Archive - May 1, 2009 - Event


[OUT] Grand Outlandish Tournament XXXVI

A call to arms! Roland is under siege in the mountain pass and we must come to his aid! He was sent to deliver tribute to the Saracen King in northern Spain and was attacked. He has waged a noble battle in the mountain pass and is awaiting our help. We are called by his magic horn to help defend the pass and beat back the Infidels!

[WES] Spring Offensive: The Search for the Holy Grail

Are you strong as the black knight or do you flee from the knights of Nee? Can you survive the attack of the cross bunny? Come celebrate spring in Selviergard.

[WES] Kingdom Arts and Sciences Tournament

This year, the theme is Pilgrims and Pilgrimage. Take part in the 8 Round Hercules Challenge, or the 8 Legged Race! Register your team NOW! As always, there will be numerous classes in the Arts and Sciences in various fields. Fighters, don't think we've left you out! There will be classes and activities for hard suit, rapier and equestrians. Want to teach a class? There is still time to add YOUR class to the schedule.

[GLE] Cracked Anvil XII

It's almost time for Cracked Anvil XII. On May 30, for one day only, the Shire of Smythkepe will bring you Seafarers of the Middle Ages. We are planning avast array of activities for you to enjoy. Heavy Weapons competitions (Ship to Ship Battle, Loot Deck Tourney and the Gleann Abhann Tournament of Champions Qualifier). Rapier Battles include Burning Ship Battle, Boarding the Ship/Bridge Battle, and Smythkepe Defender Tourney.

[ATL] Feast of Saint Genevieve

Feast of Saint Genevieve May 09-10, 2009 Canton of Falcon Cree