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March 30th

[MID] Shire of Talonval Demo

The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), The Shire of Talonval, and The Jackson Community College Student Group are sponsoring a demonstration on JCC campus grounds 2111 Emmons Rd, Jackson, MI 49201 on Monday April 20, 2009 from 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM

For more information contact: Lady Carmela Angelica Adamo/ Laurie Adamo at

The Society for Creative Anachr

March 19th

[ATE] Kingdom of Atenveldt Coronation

Join us in the Merry Month of May specifically May 2nd and 3rd to celebrate the end of the Glorious reign of Their Majesties Walrick and Cecila and to crown Their Heirs Craven and Elzbieta.

[WES] Viking Tourney

The VIKINGS are Coming! An old tradition invades our mountain coastline again as the Shire of Mountainsgate is throwing a Scandawhovian brawl at a great site 25 minutes north of Placerville, CalIFORNIA.

At the isolated (but close) Finon Lake Reservoir we will host Norse styled fighting events including the Holmganga and Balder's Blind Melee.

[LOC] Newcomers Feast

Greetings All and hear the tidings of the first feast for a new generation of Rowanites. Be there at this momentous beginning of something beautiful!

[EAL] Lady Mary 22

Lady Mary 22 May 9, 2009

[ANS] Elfsea Defender 2009

Their Excellencies, Dáire de Haya and Druinne de Salesberie, Baron and Baroness of Elfsea do invite one and all to bear witness to the lysts upon which their next Defenders will be determined by right of arms.

[ATE] Kingdom Arts & Sciences Collegium

It is with the common desire to study, learn, and apply new skills that the Kingdom of Atenveldt is announcing the 2009 Atenveldt Kingdom Arts & Sciences Collegium. The Collegium will take place in the Barony of Atenveldt. This is a two-day event.

[WES] Ice Saints/Beltane

The snow is melting, the grass is coming back, and Earngyld is growing. Come join us for a day of dancing, games and celebration as the Shire moves to full status. There will be a display table for everyone to show off any arts and sciences project they are working on. There will be snacks and meats, but feel free to bring period foods to share. For those interested in fighting there will be practice on Sunday.

[ATL] Defending the Gate VIII

The year is 1485. Rumors have begun spreading through the taverns and villages that Henry Tudor is gathering an army to confront Richard Plantagenet and take the English throne. And while some would love to follow a Welshman to a battle in England, there are others who are wondering if it is time to resuscitate Owain Glyndwr's dream of a free Wales . . .

March 18th

[MER] Spring Crown List

Spring Crown List presented by the Shire of Sol Haven. May 1-3, 2009 at A. H. Stephens Historic Park, Crawfordville, GA.

[ATL] Tir-y-Don's Baronial Birthday

Tir-y-Don's Baronial Birthday: Crusade to New Kent March 20 - 22, 2009

[GLE] Forest Maiden V

A call goes out for all noble fighters to take part in a Heroic Tourney and vie to claim for their consort the title of "Forest Maiden".

[ATL] St. Aiden's Melee College

Heroic warriors, prepare for a day of glory, battle, blood, and fun! The Order of St. Aiden has teamed with the generous Barony of Storvik, Jewel of Atlantia, to host a day of melee combat to prepare the Kingdom for our summer campaigns.

Bring your band of brothers and test them against the Order of St.

[ATL] Journey Through Time

Join us on our journey to celebrate time periods of the Known World! We will compete on the field, on horseback, and the gentler pursuits of the arts and sciences. And for those who love a challenge, join the Quest and find out who was who in our time! Prizes will be awarded for each martial discipline and for A&S competitions.

March 17th

[NOR] Quest for Camelot

Come to the Black Hills this Spring and join us in our Quest to make Camelot come alive again! At Quest for Camelot, the Kingdom of Northshield defends it's borders against the incursions of the Outlands and Artemesia.

[MID] Spring R.U.M.

The Shire of Narrental and the Middle Kingdom Proudly Host Spring R.U.M. Saturday, April 25th, A.S. LVIIII

[LOC] House Radburne Anniversary Feast and Tourney

The Household of Radburne would like to invite one and all to our Anniversary Feast and Tourney.

[ATE] Barmaids

The Thunder Mountains are calling us...... They want to hear our laughter, feel the beat of our drums, gaze upon our newest garb, taste our brews, and smell the food grilling over the fire. Come to your senses and join us at Barmaids!

[CAI] Potrero War

The Barony of Calafia wishes to cordially extend an invitation to the entirety of the Knowne World to join us once again for a weekend of fighting, frolicking, and revelry in the shade of the beautiful oak trees of Potrero Park.

[EAS] Twa Corbies Tavern

The Twa Corbies Tavern is an SCA event that recreates a little (alas, we are not Le Poulet Gauche) of the flavour and feel of a period tavern. Food and drink will be available for sale instead of served as a dayboard or feast. Performers will attempt to entertain you in return for your applause and, if you're generous, some additional token of appreciation. There will be both a common room for the general populace and for entertainment, and a room for more dedicated and quiet activity.

Pennsic War 38

The Pennsic Wars are an annual event between the East and Middle Kingdoms of the Society for Creative Anachronism Inc., and are hosted by the Kingdom of Æthelmearc at Coopers' Lake Campground.

[NOR] Crown Tournament of Stephen and Ailleanne

The Royal Crown Tournament of Stephen and Ailleanne of the Kingdom of Northshield to Determine Their Noble and Honorable Heirs Will be held during the Warming Embrace of the Spring in Their Glorious and Steadfast Barony of Nordskogen.

March 12th

[ART] Southern Regional Combined Collegium

As the winter snows begin to thaw throughout these laurel lands, it is time for the denizens of our great Kingdom to consider pursuing endeavors of higher learning. The citizens of Artemisia and the Known Worlde are invited to come and learn new skills, new trades, and new arts and to share what you know with others at a combined Southern Regional Collegium to be held April 11, 2009.

[OUT] Spring Crown Tournament

As the last of the cold winter breezes sweep across the Outlands, the time comes for our beloved King and Queen, Alrik II and Salomea to find Heirs to Their Mighty Kingdom. In true Outlandish fashion, They will hold a Grand Tournament. The warrior who emerges victorious, along with his or her consort shall, by Their Majesties grace, become the Crown Prince and Princess of the Outlands and will indeed be next in line to sit on the Stag Thrones!!!

March 7th

[OUT] Outlands Spring Coronation

Hosted by the glorious Barony of Caer Galen, this Spring Coronation will be held at Mountain View United Methodist Church, 355 Ponca Pl, Boulder CO, 80303

March 3rd

[MID] Bardic Roundhouse

The Barony of the Cleftlands presents an open gathering of the bardic community to share and learn.

[WES] Spring Fools Tourney

Spring is here and the Barony of Rivenoak is celebrating in high style!!! We're pulling out all our tricks for a fun filled afternoon that will include, but not be limited to, some serious fighting, both hardsuit and rapier. Some silly fighting, a pilgrimage to the Fountain of Trivia, some dancing, lots of eating,... munch... munch.. munch. Some string games and some chair games. But most of all SOME EGG GAMES!!!

[ATE] Bacchanal

Please join us for the sixth annual Brymstonne Bacchanal on Saturday April 4th, 2009.

[ATL] Spring Crown Tournament

As the soft spring breezes drift over the coast of Atlantia, Their Majesties call forth all warriors to a glorious day of combat to determine the Heirs to Their throne. The Stronghold of Raven's Cove has the distinct honor of hosting this event and promises the populace a day filled with fighting and camraderie. Come join us on the coast at a lovely site overlooking the water where dolphins have been known to frolic and the sunsets are spectacular.

[ANT] Irish Feast

Join the goode folkes of the Shire of River's Bend in celebrating their 24th annual Irish Feast. This year we will be celebrating our Irish families and history with all things Irish. We invite all of the folks of the Kingdom of An Tir to bring their Irish bits, foods and skills to our feast and share. Wear your finest Irish garb and have fun.