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February 27th

[MID] Qaina

Qaina, A Middle Eastern Dance and Music Event that includes classes, a show, dinner, and a hafla sponsored by the Barony of Brendoken.

[ATL] Sapphire Joust X

Come and journey to Caer Mear for Sapphire Joust X!

[OUT] Crossroads 2009

On May 22-25, the Canton of Hawk’s Hollow bids welcome to summers warm return and beckons all to gather with them at the Crossroads, AKA: Quint Valley Fairground, 568 US Hwy 36, Byers, CO 80103 (45 minutes East of Denver on I-70).

[WES] Fantastic Fairytale Fete VI

The Shire of Pavlok Gorod (Kodiak, AK) is pleased to announce the sixth Fantastic Fairytale Fete, a celebration of tales from all cultures.

[GLE] Axemoor Investiture

Be It Known throughout the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann That The Barony of Axemoor wishes to invite all, To the investiture of our new Baronage, April 3rd – 5th, 2009.

Royal School of Needlework Day Classes USA 2009

Royal School of Needlework Day Classes USA 2009 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel San Francisco Airport

[ATE] Practicum of the Sword III

Barony of Starkhafn School of Defence is proud to present: Practicum of the Sword III March 28 & 29, 2009 * Las Vegas, Nevada *

[ATE] Aurora's Feast

The time approaches again to celebrate life, be merry and above well! We wish to invite all to the 8th Annual Aurora's Feast!

[AET] Aethelmearc War College

As Aethelmerc sees war on the horizon, the soldiers gather to learn new tactics and tried and true formations that will guarantee a swift victory. This year the Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands opens their gates for the armies of Aethelmearc to gather and prepare.

[ATE] Mixed Weapons War

Did Estrella War leave you craving more combat? Did you not get to play with any new weapon styles? Join the Barony of SunDragon at Mixed Weapons War.

[ANT] June Faire XXVII

Their Excellencies Cedric and Brighid invite you to join with their populace as we celebrate our 27th annual June Faire for a full weekend of festivities. Experience feats of armored combat, the finesse of rapier, high-flying missiles, equestrian activities, the skillful displays of artisans and the beauty of the bardic arts - as well as some of the finest, handpicked merchants in the known world. This is our annual Demo for the public; please show off your best for the moderns who attend.

[CAI] Robin Hood Archery

Come one, come all! The Barony of the Angels invites you to attend our annual Robin Hood Tournament at the Woodley Park archery range. Come and enjoy a wonderful day of archery, thrown weapons, rapier and bardic competitions for Their Excellencies Baron John ap Griffin and Baroness Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani are in search of champions. All of Caid is encouraged to show in force!

[ATE] Crown Tournament / Warlord

This is a camping event. Please make sure all pets are on their leshes, and your children are supervised. This site is wet, no glass containers. SCA curfew rules will be enforced. Above ground fire pits must be a min. of 12 inches above the ground and have a ground shield.

February 26th

[EAS] Mudthaw

As winter turns to spring, the world awakens once again. Their Excellencies, Alexander and Rhiannon, Baron and Baroness of Settmour Swamp, invite the known world to their annual celebration of the thawing of the mud. Their Excellencies are delighted to host Their Royal Majesties, Darius and Alethea, as they search for their next Champions of Arms and Arts.

[OUT] Sworded Affaire

Baron Gregor von Munchhausen and Baroness Monika the Fair of al-Barran wish to invite everyone to a Sworded Affair for a glorious day of dashing dares and deadly duels. Come show off your skill and chivary with your rapier and wit thus defending the honor of the mighty stag and scorpion.

February 20th

[MID] Melee of Chivalry I

The College of Val d' Azure presents… Melee of Chivalry I Saturday, February 28th, 2009 from 9am to 9pm. This is a free event.

[EAS] All Things Scribal

Scribal hands are not idle hands, they always seek perfection in the minute, in the delicate aspects of their craft, and in historic perception of their art. For knowledge they seek boundless historical references, for experience they seek each other's council.

Interkingdom Herbal Roundtable

Morin inghen Ruairc of the Chapter of Compagnie of Gleann Abhann Herbalists reports that the first Interkingdom Herbal Roundtable Discussion will take place at the Herbal/Botanical Pavilion at Gulf Wars on Saturday March 20, 2009 at 1:00 p.m.

[DRA] Northern Frankmark Fighter Practice

The Shire of Two Seas would like to invite you to Hamburg, Germany for the Northern Frankmark Fighter Practice. On April 4, 2009. We will meet to endeavor in and improve those martial crafts practiced in the SCA. Heavies and fencers of all levels are welcome! Please bring whatever equipment you have as there will be slow work armored combat, sparring, and anything else a fighter could desire.

[GLE] Diamond Wars 24

The year is 1242. The Mongols have swept through the lands, making many things their own in the process. Now Batu han, the grandson of Genghis Khan, is ready to establish his capital at Saraj. Join the Golden Horde for a celebration of conquest, the horse, and the Golden Camp along the River Volga as the Turks and Mongols are united as the Tatar people.

[WES] Golden Rivers Championship and Bardic Competition

Zaid and Louise, the Lord-Champion and Lady of Golden Rivers invite you to witness the next Champion and their Consort. The day will start with fighters upon the field, and end with a potluck feast to celebrate. Mistress Danae Fitzroberts will also be teaching a class on silk banner making during the day, time to be announced at the event.

February 19th

[AET] Metalsmiths Symposium

The time is coming to load your anvil and hammers into your strongest cart, gather your gravers, chase your pitch bowl down, load your ladles, and gather your ore for a grand metals symposium!

[MER] Crossroads at London

Oyez, Oyez... Spend a weekend in 14th Century England! Shire of Owl's Nest XXth Year Celebration. March 27-29, 2009

[ANT] July Coronation, A.S. 44

The Barony of Three Mountains welcomes all to witness the Coronation of Their Royal Highnesses, the Heirs to King Vik and Queen Inga as They take Their rightful places upon the Sable Throne of An Tir. This weekend of July Coronation also bears witness to the challenge required of all those who would compete to become the next Champion of An Tir.

[OUT] Feast of Fools

Friends and Fools of the Outlands, come as you aren't to the Barony of Dragonsspine and join us for a day of fun, foolishness and revelry!

[WES] La Fiesta de los Ojos de Marzo

Oye! Oye! Oye! Come and join the populace of Bestwode Shire for our Spring Feast. There will be merriment a plenty as contests of skill, Archery, Weapon Throwing and Heavy Fighting commence throughout the day. There will also be entertainment, an auction, and a table top siege engine competition.

[ANT] Youth Allthing - CANCELLED

Rampaging pygmy hordes from the Steppes raid neighboring bedrooms! Thousand Flee in Terror! The Youth of An Tir demand their own event! Parents across the Kingdom report the activities of restless children as cabin fever asserts itself.

[MID] Freezing our Haflas Off

After a year hiatus, the Hafla returns to the Barony of White Waters. Once again you can study the arts of dancing and drumming as well as other Mid Eastern arts. The Crusader Camp will once again be available for fighters to sit and discuss the Arts Martial, possible outdoor classes weather permitting.

[AET] Regional Fight Practice

There will be a regional fight practice in Olean NY. Sponsored by the Shire of Blackwater, on February 22nd 2009 from 10 am till 7 p.m. This will be in conjunction with their Rattan Symposium February 21st. 2009

[WES] West Kingdom Purgatorio Coronation

Come experience a Coronet Tournament, a Grand Coronation, and an Investiture as only Oertha can offer!