Archive - Sep 9, 2008 - Event


[GLE] Kingdom Arts and Sciences and RUGA

Works of the Arts & Sciences of the Mighty and Magnificent Kingdom of Gleann Abhann will be on display at this event you will not want to miss! Artisans come and show your projects and receive valuable feedback. Maybe you can teach the judges something new and interesting! Laurels would love to see the wonderful creations made by our own Gleann Abhann citizens.

Once again we have the artisans of Gleann Abhann issuing CHALLENGES in various categories. Location:
Shire of Rook's Haven (Utica Mississippi)

[EAS] Crestfallen

Good greetings to those of the Martial Art of heavy combat who defend our glorious Kingdom! Bergental beckons you to a Tournament of Crests! We challenge you to adorn your helm with a crest of a most impressive and/or unusual nature. Opponents will then target your helm while defending their own.

(Full rules and suggestions of the Tournament can be found at ) Our Baron e Baronne will present awards to the winner of the tournament, the best crest, the best heraldic display (overall appearance) and, the best crest death. Location:
Barony of Bergental (Ashfield, Massachusetts)

[MID] Saxon Summer VIII

Come and participate in heavy fighting, archery, thrown weapons, fencing, classes, games and feasting.

There is plenty of space to relax and enjoy a quiet day with friends! Date: September 12 through 14, 2008, with main events on Saturday Location: Chestnut Ridge Campground, 6486 Chestnut Ridge Road, Hubbard, Ohio 44425, (330) 534-2352

Gate opens: Friday, Sept 12 at 4:00 PM
Gate closes: Sunday, Sept 14 at Noon Location:
Shire of Rivenvale (Hubbard, Ohio)