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August 30th

[NOR] Peasants are Revolting

Site: Turtle River State Park, 3084 Park Avenue Arvilla, ND 58214
Turtle River State Park is located 22 miles west of Grand Forks on Highway 2. Watch for signs to the Woodland Lodge.

Opens: 10:00am Closes 10:00pm

Site is Accessible and Discretely Damp (beer/wine - no open display. "Pour it and store it")

Site: $6.00 (Kids 6 and under free)
Feast: $8.00 Menu fit for high-class peasants. Location:
Shire of Rudivale (Arvilla, North Dakota)

[ANS] Jägermeister

There will be many opportunities for grand entertainment, revelry making and of course – tests of skill and valor! Lots of activities for everyone with a schedule that will allow you to participate in as many as you’d like.

Shire Championships
Jägermeister - Our heavy list will consist of a double- elimination single sword tourney.

Händwerksmeister - A&S Competition, no theme required, documentation appreciated. This will be a judged competition. Location:
Shire of Ffynnon Gath (Seguin, Texas)

[DRA] Kingdom University

The Shire of West Dragonshire invites you to attend Drachenwald’s Kingdom University, where knowledge will be shared in the heart of William the Conqueror’s Royal Hunting Grounds, the aptly named New Forest.

Site: Ferny Crofts Scout Centre, Beaulieu, Brockenhurst, Hampshire SO42 7YQ.

There are 64 bunk beds in two nearby buildings (32 beds per building), with additional crash space available. Showers and toilets are located in both buildings. All bunks come with a mattress, pillow and blanket, but sleeping bags are advised. Limited camping is available. Information regarding nearby b&bs and hotels will be available soon. (Note: I have this information. Until the website is ready, please write to me offlist, and I'll email you a Word document with details.) Location:
Shire of West Dragonshire (Brockenhurst, England)

[TRI] Michaelmas Scriptorium

The Barony of An Crosiare & The Shire of Castlemere present Michaelmas Scriptorium October 10-12, 2008.

Camp Immokalee
6765 Immokalee Road
Keystone Heights, FL 32656

Site opens at 4pm on Friday and Closes at 10am on Sunday

Theme: Celts vs Romans

Event Steward:
Lord Jebe Kerait

2 Night = $ 27.00; 1 Night =$ 15.00; Day Trip = $ 12.00 Location:
Barony of An Crosiare & The Shire of Castlemere (Keystone Heights, Florida)

[MID] Rendezvous at the Bridge XIX

The Shire of Riviere Constelle cordially invites you to join in the fun and festivities at our 19th annual Rendezvous at the Bridge event.

Lincoln State Park
Lincoln City, Indiana

Cabins and Tent Camping available! ! ! (On-lead pets allowed, overnight pets at tent camping site only, absolutely NO PETS in CABINS!)

Heavy Weapons Info:
Friday: Torchlight Tourney. We must have a minimum of six (6) confirmed fighters to hold the torchlight tourney. Please contact the Tourney Marshalto sign up. Location:
Shire of Riviere Constelle (Lincoln City, Indiana)

[AET] Michaelmas

Summer will soon be gone and the cool breezes of Autumn will be upon us. Celebrate the time of the harvest at Michaelmas with the Shire of Hunter's Home on September 6th 2008 at Camp Nazareth (339 Pew Road, Mercer, PA 16137). This site is handicap accessible.

Michaelmas was the time for beginning new leases, rendering your accounts and paying your annual dues. The reeve of the land would move among the populous to keep watch over the work and to assure that production was up to expectations. Traditionally this holiday was symbolized with "glofe, gees, and gyngeuer." The glove represented the open-handedness and generosity of the lord of the village, eating goose gave good luck in the coming year, and ginger was believed to provide protection against infection. Location:
Shire of Hunter's Home (Mercer, Pennsylvania)

August 29th

[DRA] Autumn Crown Tournament

The Canton of Poukka invites you all to witness the combat that will determine who will be Crowned our King and Queen at Twelfth Night Coronation 2009!

The main feast is sold out as of August 18. But do not despair, you won't go hungry: if you missed the main feast, you can make a reservation for a smaller feast with less dishes. Note that the smaller feast is served in a separate building. If seats would become available for the main feast, those will be offered to those who have made reservations for the smaller feast, in the reservation order (i.e. the faster you book the small feast, the more likely you are to get a seat at the main feast as cancellations are inevitable). Location:
Canton of Poukka (Kiljava, Finland)

[DRA] Yuletide University VIII

All ye who hunger after knowledge gather ye to Yuletide University VIII and have your fill.

The shire of Glen Rathlin's annual Arts & Sciences event is on again from the 28th until the 30th of November 2008.

Teachers for all levels are welcome to tease (and teach) the attendees with their knowledge and talents. We cordially invite all members of the Insulae Draconis Company of Merit for Artists & Scientists, the Order of the Location:
Shire of Glen Rathlin (Belfast, United Kingdom)

August 27th

[MID] Harvest Days and Tournament of Chivalry

Harvest Day and Tournament of Chivalry

Woodland Trails Scout Reservation
265 Gaspers-Somers Rd
Camden, OH 45311

When: September 5-7, 2008
Site opens: Friday, 6pm, gate closes 11pm
Gate re-opens: Saturday, 8am
Site closes: Sunday, noon

Site Fees:
13+ day trip: $8.00
13+ camping: $10.00
12-6: $4.00
5 and under: Free!
Family cap: $24.00 Location:
March of Winged Hills (Camden, Ohio)

[LOC] Baronial Hunt

Tis the hunting season once again in Politarchopolis. Join us on Saturday in a quest, rapier tournament, roving round, kite flying and twilight heavy tournament. At night enjoy the Wild Hunt: dancing, music, feasting and masquerade under the stars. Sunday sees the excitement of the Hunt through the forests and glades of Politarchopolis. Price includes camping, lunches, masquerade and dinner. Gas cooking provided for breakfast. Prize to be awarded for best mask. Location:
Barony of Politarchopolis (Sheldricks Lane, NSW)

[NOR] Northshield Rapier Academy

The Shire of Korsvag will be hosting Northshield Rapier Academy on Saturday, September 6th, AS 43.

Where : Oak Grove Park, Fargo, ND (directions and a map on the linked page)
When : Site opens at 9 AM and closes at 9 PM
What : A day of study and practice of the Art of Defense. Join us for a variety of classes for the seasoned fencer as well as those who have never picked up a schlager. Lists will be available for pick-up bouts as well as sheltered space for hanging out and socializing. Location:
Shire of Korsvag (Fargo, North Dakota)

[NOR] Art-ic Madness

This event is intended to be a fun get together of people interested in the Arts and Sciences to share and learn about different types of Arts and Sciences and get ideas and feed back. This is not an Arts and Sciences competition but instead a forum of sorts to learn, teach, and share with each other. There will also be a fighting demo on Friday where we hope to have both rapier and heavy fighting. This will be on the University of Minnesota campus and is intended to get the attention of students and show off the fun things we do. Location:
College of Tor Aerie

[EAS] St. Eligius Arts and Sciences Schola and Competition

St. Eligius, the patron saint of artisans and metalworkers will be celebrated at Dragonship Haven's upcoming Arts and Sciences Competition and Schola. The craftspeople of the East Kingdom are invited to participate in the Saint Eligius Arts and Sciences Competition. Prizes will be awarded to the winners of individual categories. Special prizes will be going to those whose entries are recognized for Judges' Choice, Peoples' Choice and Baron's Choice. His Excellency will also be selecting the DSH Baronial A&S Champion. Location:
Barony of Dragonship Haven (Stratford, Connecticut)

Equestrian Authorization Clinic

Rannveigr and I will be holding a free authorization/rider clinic on September 6, 2008, from 11 AM until 3 PM at Van Dee Stables in Waterford , PA.

This is not an event. However, it will be the last official practice we hold in Stormsport for the balance of 2008. Since we have paid for SCA equestrian insurance we can do authorizations. We will provide equipment for basic games and a few specialty authorizations. To a more limited Location:
Waterford , Pennsylvania

[AET] Hideaway Homecoming

The Forests of Hornwood hold many dangerous animals on four feet...and on two. After the war, fleeing mercenaries and defeated warriors infiltrate our shire, pillaging what spoils they can find and causing great scenes of discord. Join with us, The Shire of Hornwood, on September 6th from 9am until 8pm in our efforts to clear out the rabble and fill our larders for the coming winter. The promise of great rewards awaits you at our Hideaway Homecoming! Location:
Shire of Hornwood (Brockport Pennsylvania)

[NOR] Autumn Rose XIV

Escape to the Current Middle Ages with the Society for Creative Anachronism and the Shire of Rokeclif as they celebrate fourteen years of hosting their signature Autumn Rose event. See the Arts of War (armored combat, fencing and archery) side-by-side of with the Arts of Peace (medieval crafts and demonstrations).

Trempeleau County Fairgrounds (Galesville, WI)

Site fee: $8 for adults, $4 for children under 12. Location:
Shire of Rokeclif (Galesville, Wisconsin)

[ANS] Central Regional Rapier Academy

The Central Region is pleased to present the Central Regional Rapier Academy October 26th in Athens, TX.

The site has indoor and outdoor venues in which to teach. If you wish to teach a class in our Historic Swordplay track, please contact Lord Corvin at Location:
Dragonsfire Tor (Athens, Texas)

August 21st

[WES] Toys for Tots Tournament

This year, to help the West show the rest of the Known World the overwhelming generosity of the first of Kingdoms please donate unwrapped toys worth no more than $10 at the incipient College of St. Guinefort's Toys for Tots Tournament.

Prizes will be up for grabs in both a heavy and light tournament, the entry fee for which shall be one toy, and an Arts and Sciences Contest in honor of the Nine Worthies (for more information see Location:
Incipient College of St. Guinefort (Anchorage, Alaska)

[MER] Coronation of Seth and Gwendolen

The Shire of Glaedenfeld Invites One and All to The Coronation of Seth and Gwendolen And 30th Year Celebration September 12-14, 2008

  • Feast Space is limited to 125 so reserve early!
  • Merchants are welcome – please contact our merchant-crat with details. You must provide own tables and shelter.
  • Bed space is first come, first serve and there is a lot of space for tenting. Location:
    Shire of Glaedenfeld (Blountsville, Alabama)

August 20th

[EAL] Volley of Arrows

Come and join us for a day of fun at Volley of Arrows!

Tailored to the Hearts of our Archers, this event will offer a traditional shoot with an added bonus of a 30 3-D target shoot.

There will be an area for Thrown Weapons!

The success of the day's hunt will be celebrated by a hunter's feast (closed flame) with limited feast spots.

Please signup at our website to help Location:
Canton of Vest Yorvik (Caledon, Ontario)

[WES] Hastings Event

Dead on January 5, in the Year of Our Lord 1066, is Edward king, of Angles lord, his steadfast soul sent to Christ. In the kingdom of God a holy spirit! He in the world here abode awhile, in the kingly throng of council sage. Four and twenty winters wielding the sceptre freely, wealth he dispensed. Until suddenly came the bitter Death and this king so dear snatched from the earth. Angels carried his soul sincere into the light of heaven. But the prudent king had settled the realm on high-born men -on Harold himself, the noble Location:
Shire of Champclair (Woodland, California)

[CAL] Cattle Raids XIII

The Barony of Mag Mor presents: Cattle Raids XIII: The Scottish versus The English August 22-24, 2008

Note: All cabin spaces have been reserved. Feast reservations still available!

Site: Riverside Park, 717 238th Street, Milford, NE 68405 (same location as Spring 2008 Crown Tourney)

Directions to site:
Take your best route to Interstate 80 in the vicinity of Lincoln, Nebraska. Site is approximately 20 minutes west of Lincoln, NE. Location:
Barony of Mag Mor (Milford, Nebraska)

[GLE] Batesville Regional Practice and A&S Classes

The time has come to seek kith and kin in the Northlands! Please join us on our journey on Saturday, September 13, 2008 as we trek to the vast wilds of the north and visit our kindred souls in the village known to us as Batesville.

Around 2, at the park by the river, there will be a practice for the fighters. A place has also been reserved for A&S classes. Graciously, Lord Strazhek has agreed to teach a class on boot making. Location:
Proposed Shire of Guardian Forest (Batesville, Arkansas)

August 19th

[OUT] Border Clash: Attack of the Huns

You are invited to Hinterland!!! Border Clash: Attack of the Huns Shire of Hinterland August 22, 23, 24

Site opens at noon on August 22 - closes at noon on August 24

Site Fees: $9 per Adult; $10 feast, Non member Charge $3 – Children 13 and under FREE

Alcohol is permitted - Leashed pets only

The Huns have invaded Hinterland. Pyromelody and her populace in Hinterland invites one and all to join them in removing the Huns from Location:
Shire of Hinterland (Bridgeport Nebraska)

[TRI] Harvest Raid

The year is 146O. It has been a good year and the shire harvest has been bountiful. But danger threatens. The Act of Accord has been passed by parliament naming Edward, Duke of York as the rightful heir to the thrown. Queen Margaret is marching south with her Scottish recruits determined to protect her son's interests. Her hungry army has been promised unlimited plunder and the Shire residents face starvation. Who will Protect them? Who will Defend them? The townspeople offer a great prize to the champions who step forward! Location:
Shire of Sangre del Sol (North Miami, Florida)

A Day of Lectures with Robin Netherton

I am pleased to announce that on October 11th, 2008, the Medieval Society of Miami University will be welcoming Robin Netherton to the campus. She will be speaking on Medieval costuming and dress.

Robin Netherton is an internationally known researcher and lecturer of medieval dress history and co-editor of the journal Medieval Clothing and Textiles ( Location:
Oxford, Ohio

[CAL] St. Augustine's Faire

St. Augustine's Faire Frolic with us in the picturesque woods of Sherwood Forest. Combat, archery, A&S, food and youth activities!

Winnebago Scout Reservation
2543 Glass Road
Marble Rock, IA

Take your best route to the Avenue of the Saints (aka Hwy 218/27/18). Turn south onto Glass Ave at Rudd (15 miles east of Mason City and 7 miles west of Charles City) and go south, away from Rudd, about 4.5 miles. Turn left onto CR-B45 (because Glass Ave turns into a gravel road here) and go east just under a mile. Turn right onto Hickory Ave and go 4.5 miles south. Turn right (west) onto Glass Road and go 1/10th mile to the scout reservation at the first bend in the road. Location:
Shire of Heraldshill (Marble Rock, Iowa)

[ATE] Kingdom of Atenveldt Arts & Sciences Competition

The time is rapidly approaching for you to complete those final touches on your projects and confirm your documentation for the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Competition.

The AS .xxxxiii. (2008) Competition will take place in Wickenburg, AZ, at the Wickenburg High School [WHS], on Saturday 4 October 2008 and promises to be an exciting and fun-filled day for all. In addition to the glorious displays by our talented Kingdom to enjoy and envy, there will be dancing, a chess tournament, and many other surprises to entertain you. Dancing will be taught and lead by the ever so graceful and patient Mistress Jehanne le feu du Christ. Our Chess Champion has issued a challenge to all, and there will be prizes. THL Eden Blacksmith, granted by the contributions of many generous groups of the Kingdom, will provide a sumptuous buffet luncheon. [Our gratitude!!!] And, your entertainments are most WELCOME for the pleasure of the populace—please contact the Event Steward to set a schedule. Location:
Kingdom of Atenveldt (Wickenburg, Arizona)

[ATL] Tourney of Diamonds II - CANCELLED

The time is upon us again for the great warriors of Atlantia to become familiar with our vast coastlines. Renew your spirit listening to the clashing of steal; renew your soul listening to the lapping sea upon the shore. Make your presence known! Allow your heraldic display to be seen by our enemies across the sea to warn them of the now well guarded Atlantian shores. Bring your small ones so they begin their training! Remember your tankards and drums, for upon the setting of the sun grand merry making shall commence. Location:
Incipient Canton des Iles des Diamants (Point South, South Carolina)

[ATL] Chalice of the Sun God V

Once again, the cry goes forth for all heroes to vie for glory and honor in the Chalice Championships. And for those who choose to attempt it, there is the legendary 'Chalice of the Sun God', the cup of Helios given to Hercules in the course of his labors. This year the theme is Persephone's story and her journey to the Underworld. Please join us for this unique challenge!

Fighting: There will be a heavy and rapier fighting; each in the same format competitors shall fight in a Challenger's tourney for the right to best the Heavy Weapons Chalice Champion* or the Rapier Chalice Champion**. The winner of each of the 'Champion Battles' shall become the Chalice Champion in his discipline, and may fight as Chalice Champion next year. Questions should be directed to Sir Thomas of Calais (heavy weapons) ( and Baron Marcellus Capoziello da Napoli (rapier) ( ) Location:
Barony of Ponte Alto (Triangle, Virginia)