Archive - Dec 17, 2008 - Event


[MER] Midwinter A&S 2009

Whereas Baron Cathal and Baroness Caroljane and all our subjects of the Barony desire a merry winter celebration of artistic endeavours so do we make bold to present an invitation to you all and sundry to accept the bountiful hospitality of the South Downs beginning on the eve of the feast of St. Jarlath, being 31 January, A.S. XLiii or 2009 in the Gregorian, and there attend the MidWinter Arts & Sciences Faire.

[ANT] Kingdom Arts & Sciences Championship

The Barony of Wastekeep welcomes you to the An Tir Kingdom Arts & Sciences Championship, where the next A&S Champion of the Kingdom will be chosen. Whether you are a rising talent or experienced old hand, competitor, judge, or onlooker, you will be part of the most challenging competition of the Kingdom.