Archive - Nov 12, 2008 - Event

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[EAL] Wassail

The Canton of Bryniau Tywynnog presents Wassail! Come decorate our hall for the season and enjoy festive customs and traditions from different SCA time periods and cultures.

Saturday, November 29, 2008
9am to 10 pm
Tavistock Memorial Hall
3 Adam St.
Tavistock, ON
N0B 2R0

Site Fee: $8 | Children 5 and under: Free | Children 6 to 12: $4
Non-member surcharge (where applicable): $3 | Kingdom Tax: $1 Location:
Canton of Bryniau Tywynnog (Tavistock, Ontario)

[OUT] Caer Galen Toys for Tots

The time draws nigh for people of the Outlands to once again come forward and show the world how things should be. How the concepts of Chivalry, Courtesy, and Honor didn't die in the Middle Ages, but live on today in those of us who think those things still matter. Time once again for us to help those less fortunate find hope in these troubling times.

Caer Galen Toys for Tots
November 15, 2008 Location:
Barony of Caer Galen (Longmont, Colorado)

[DRA] Viceroy Tournament XII

The Shire of Glen Rathlin is proud to announce Viceroy Tournament XII to be held on the 20th to 22nd February 2009 at Ardnavally Scout Centre, Belfast, Northern Ireland. As well as the Viceroy Tournament itself we will also be having archery, fencing and throwing weapons.

Dates: 20th to 22nd February 2009

Site: Ardnavally Scout Centre, 109 Old Milltown Road, Belfast. BT8 4SP Site has showers, toilets, car parking and camping space as well halls Location:
Shire of Glen Rathlin (Belfast, Northern Ireland)

[ANT] Seagirt Yule

As the chill of winter creeps upon us, it is time to seek warmth. Seagirt Yule will warm your toes and hearts with food, entertainment, dance, games and much more! Their Excellencies of the glorious Barony of Seagirt, Ming and Elina, extend their welcome to travellers from afar, and those already familiar to Seagirts warmth.

The gathering shall be on December 6th from 4pm and not extending past midnight. Luxton Hall will be the place located at: Location:
Barony of Seagirt (Victoria, British Columbia)

[WES] Three Rivers Yule Revel

Not going to Boar Hunt this year? Missing those old time Yule Revels? Let's make 'em come alive again! On December 13th come bring your banner to display and join us in that spirit to make merry at the first Three Rivers Yule Revel, hosted by the Shire of Betony Wood.

We plan to have games, a contest or two and even some good old country dancing organized by Master Own ap Morgan! During the early part of the day before dinner, Master Owen will also be teaching a class on Italia dances; and (weather permitting) a Silver Arrow target archery tournament is planned, with a prize for the victor hand made and donated by Lady Zara bint Talib. Location:
Shire of Betony Wood (Fair Oaks, California)

[WES] Mists Investiture

Sigifrith, by right of arms Prince of the Mists and Kamiilah, by her grace and beauty, Princess of the Mists, invite you to join them for the Investiture of their Heirs, Roric Skogan and Syele von der Rosen, the new Lord and Lady of the Mists. There will be a feast in celebration in the evening, cooked by Mistress Catherine of Wessex.

Site Information: Site fee is $10 for members, $13 for non members, Location:
Principality of the Mists (Cupertino, California)

[WES] Beaconsgate Boar Hunt

Come and join the Province of the Mists for our annual holiday celebration.

The holidays are coming, and so is the Annual Beaconsgate Boar Hunt. We will be at our traditional site, Camp Herms. In addition to the Hunt during the day, we will have many activities within the hall (dancing, singing, music, games) for non-fighters and tired fighters. Please plan to bring something for your lunch if you are coming on site early. Location:
Province of the Mists (El Cerrito, California)

[MER] Magna Faire

Magna Faire: Feast of St. Nicholas And the Baronial Investiture of Lord Killian and Lady Katherine December 5 - 7, 2008

Camp Woodmen of the World
414 WOW Road
Blountsville, AL 35031

Travel down the Danube with us as we search for St. Nicholas, patron saint of travelers, sailors, brewers, and children!! Enjoy a hardy feast from the Danube River regions prepared by Sensei Kojin (limited to 100 guests). Location:
Barony of Iron Mountain (Blountsville, Alabama)

[GLE] XXX Christmas Revel

Axemoor's Thirtieth Year Christmas revel is December 12-14 at the Henry S Jacobs Campsite in Utica MS. This is the final event that will be held at the Utica site, as well as Their Excellencies Ifor and Morganna's last Christmas revel as Baron and Baroness of Axemoor.

This is an event for remembering the past and celebrating the future.

We will be hosting Gleann Abhann's First Tournament of Champions Location:
Barony of Axemoor (Utica, Mississippi)