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October 29th

[WES] Crosston Dance Ball

Join Crosston for a day of medieval and renaissance dance with live musicians. Dance classes from 12-4 PM. Dinner sideboard (donations accepted) from 4-5:30 PM. For details on the dinner or dessert sideboard, please see below.

Site Location
Los Gatos History Club
123 Los Gatos Blvd.
Los Gatos CA

Site Details
Hall open 11:30am-10:30pm.

It has a lovely wooden floor, so please wear shoes with non-marking soles. Location:
Crosston Arms (Los Gatos California)

[CAL] Clothier's Seminar XXIV

The Clothier's Seminar is an annual event that revolves around the one necessity that we all need, clothes. Come join us for a day of classes, discussion and camaraderie.

It is an excellent time to show off your finest garb and accessories. Simple clothing, complex clothing, exotic clothing, it's all welcome! Whether you have never sewn a piece of garb or have been doing it for years, there's something for you. It's also the Location:
Shire of Cúm an Iolair (Gardner, Kansas)

[EAL] Glace Fete: Rising Waters 12th Night

Experience the Magic and Pageantry of Rising Waters' 12th Night Celebration: Glace Fete

You will find the celebration at Stevensville Conservation Area W. Main Street, Stevensville, ON.

Saturday January 10, 2009

Site open 10am
Site Close Midnight

Site and Feast: $20 adult member
($3 NMS in effect)
($1 Kingdom Tithe)
$10 Children (5-15)
Site only: $8 Location:
Barony of Rising Waters (Stevensville, Ontario)

Fiber Fiesta

The Albuquerque Fiber Arts Fiesta 2009 is the seventh biennial show dedicated to fiber arts education and to the display of fiber-related artwork. Hosted by the Albuquerque Fiber Arts Council, Inc. (AFAC), a tax-exempt, non-profit organization, the Fiesta includes both juried and judged works organized by 16 co-sponsoring New Mexico fiber arts guilds. Over 500 juried and judged exhibits will be displayed in this show. Location:
Albuquerque Fiber Arts Council, Inc. (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

[GLE] Free Event

Need another reason to be Thankful!? How about a FREE EVENT?

Lake Bistineau State Park, Group Camp 1 Nov. 28-30

The Shire of Ardanroe would like to invite all to join us for a 100% FREE event! This Social and War Practice will feature a late wakeup call, absolutely no firm schedule, and the opportunity to eat, play, and enjoy one another’s company! The field will be available to all who wish to fight (providing appropriate marshals for those activities are available) and the Hall shall be made available for all Artisans who wish to work on their crafts in one another’s company! Location:
Shire of Ardanroe (Doyline, Louisiana)

[GLE] Holy Pail IV

Holy Pail IV: What's a Pail 4?

THL Angus de Gordun

Location: Tom-Bigbee State Park
THIS IS A DRY SITE! Friday, Nov 14 Location:
(Shire of Rookshaven Fulton, Mississippi)

October 27th

[DRA] Dance Moot VI

When winter has fallen upon the lands, the Shire of Harpelestane has its own merry way to remain warm and entertained: dancing.

Come join us on 17th January 2009 for a day of dancing at the latest gathering of our Dance Moot. Dance classes will be held, with opportunities to practice in the evening at a small ball. For the non-dancers, there will be a selection of period games to keep everyone entertained. Location:
Shire of Harpelestane (South Queensferry, Scotland)

[ATL] Winter Solstice: Mongols, Mayhem, and Murder

Good friends, on this day in the fall of 1274 on the island of Tsushima (off the coast of Japan), we are about to witness historic events. The Mongols are prepared to invade Japan, and the negotiations and banquet today are an attempt to forestall the invasion. A wealthy Japanese lord has laid on an amazing day of festivities, highlighted by a feast guaranteed to delight all guests!

In honor of the attendees, the feast will feature courses of Mongol and Chinese cuisine, in addition to Japanese. Unfortunately, these important negotiations are destined to be marred by murder(s) most foul! But this is more than a stage play, and you dear friends are more than honored guests. We are counting on you to answer the age old questions “Whodunit?” and “why”? At the end of the afternoon, each guest will be asked to fill out a sheet of paper describing their interpretation of the mystery, and who the culprit(s) is(are). After evaluating the detectives’ work, the murderer(s) will be hauled off in chains to face the Emperor’s Justice, and the detective who solved the crime most correctly will win a prize. Location:
Barony of Sacred Stone (Winston-Salem, North Carolina)

[MER] Feast of the Unicorn

Feast of the Unicorn November 15-16, 2008 - Canton of Cyddlain Downs

This event will be a Sat.-Sun. event rather than the traditional three day weekend, but we plan to make up for Friday night by planning activities into the day on Sunday.

Site opens at 9:00am on the 15th and closes at 5pm on the 16th. Site allows alcohol, no pets.

Merchants are welcome!

Site & Directions
The Feast of the Unicorn will be at the The Clinton House Plantation Location:
Canton of Cyddlain Downs (Clinton, South Carolina)

[OUT] Citadel 12th Night and War Practice

Their Excellencies Nikolaus and Aine, Baron and Baroness of the Citadel of the Southern Pass, would like to invite all and sundry to celebrate Twelfth Night at their country manor.

January 10, 2009, Barony of the Citadel of the Southern Pass

Location: Tobin Park Methodist Church, 5501 Wren St., El Paso, TX, 79924-6624

Site Opens 9:00 AM and closes 9:00 PM; Site is Dry!

Autocrat: Lord Edmund Peregrine Location:
Barony of the Citadel of the Southern Pass (El Paso, Texas)

[EAS] Bare Blade Tavern Brawl

Greetings and welcome to the Bare Blade Tavern, now kindly check your weapons at the door!

Once again, Endewearde announces its annual Bare Blade Tavern Brawl!!! Fencing and trickery are sure to abound in this year's event as fencers and from across the realm vie for the right to claim the deed to the Bare Blade Tavern.

This year's fencing will feature both heavy and light rapier, so please come ready for both! The day will be divided into several rounds of fencing, with at least one round being designed on-site by some "lucky" fencer. Location:
Shire of Endewearde (Pittsfield, Maine)

[AET] Sterlynge Schola

Let the word go forth that the Shire of Sterlynge Vayle will be hosting a Sterlynge Schola on January 17, 2009 at the Trinity Memorial Church, 44 Main St, Binghamton NY.

The Site opens to the populace at 9:00am and closes at 6:00pm. We are planning classes from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., with a one-hour break for lunch at noon. Anyone found still lingering in the halls or classrooms after 6:00 p.m. may be pressed into service for site clean up. Location:
Shire of Sterlynge Vayle (Binghamton, New York)

[WES] Yule

Their Excellencies Broeck and Margaret Anne, Eighth Baron and Baroness invite one and all to celebrate the Yule season with them at the baronial hunting lodge.

There will be fighting, feasting and artisan contests to fill the day and a tree to trim. The Baroness will choose a champion during the heavy fighter tourney. An Arts and Sciences

Champion will be chosen from entrants in the following contests: Personal banners and Sweet Breads in any mode-extra points for gluten free recipes and of course, documentation. Feast will be hearty and family style. Location:
Barony of Eskalya (Anchorage, Alaska)

[ANT] 12th Night in An Tir

We invite An Tir to gather in Adiantum to celebrate the stepping down of their current King and Queen, and enjoy the pageantry and gallant deeds of renown as our new King and Queen are crowned.

This year the event will be held at the spacious and beautiful Valley River Inn where there will be merchants, an Artisans Showcase, plenty of meeting spaces for guilds, groups, shires and baronies, etc. Location:
Barony of Adiantum (Eugene, Oregon)

[CAI] Queen's Equestrian Championship

Hark! 'Tis the thunder of hooves! Valiant riders and their noble steeds shall compete in honor of Our Queen in a competition of skill and strategy. Join Her Majesty Kolfinna and Her Court on Sunday, November 16, 2008, for the Queen's Equestrian Championship Tourney.

Riders of all skill levels are encouraged to take part in the many competitions and activities honoring Queen Kolfinna. Garb your destriers in their most elaborate trappings; bring your most colorful banners and pennants; display your courtesy and your martial prowess in this day of challenge and competition! Activities are planned for non-riders and non-combatants as well, so that everyone may share in the pleasure of the day. Location:
Barony of Altavia (Chino, California)

October 22nd

[ATL] Kingdom of Atlantia Twelfth Night

Please join the Cantons of Abhainn Iarthair and Sudentorre, in the fair holdings of Stierbach, for a traditional English Twelfth Night celebration.

Canton of Sudentorre / Incipient Canton of Abhainn Iarthair
Brooke Point High School
1700 Courthouse Road
Stafford, VA 22554

Arts & Sciences Activities: Lady Judith Webstere (sierradelta2 AT will be the A&S Coordinator for the day. Please contact her for more information. Location:
Canton of Sudentorre (Stafford, Virginia)

[ATL] de Montfort Open Barn

Atlantian Cavalry Workshop: Opportunities to learn more about horses and equipment used in several mounted games. Please wear comfortable jeans and closed toe shoes (tennis shoes are fine) if you plan on being around the horses. No fee for use of horse(s) during this time. There will be 7 horses available. Complimentary overnight stalls available if hauling.

de Montfort Open Barn
5001 Fontanelle Lane Location:
Effingham, South Carolina

ShadowCon XIII

Their Graces, Duke Sir Kane and Ilissa invite the Known World to their annual party, the SCA / Sci-Fi convention, ShadowCon XIII!

Come join us for a winter weekend indoors! There will be fencing, heavy weapons and tourneys. There will be gaming, D&D, Vampire LARP, computer gaming, board games, an International game room, Merchants Masquerade (Historical, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy), Hall costume contest, Belly Dance lessons, Friday night dance with a DJ, Saturday night Haffla (Belly dance party), Kane's Auction of the Strange and Unusual, and MORE. Location:
House Shadow Legion (Memphis, Tennessee)

October 21st

[NOR] Project Day

Border Downs Project Day: Norse Poetry and Prose Edition

WHO: You! Me! Them! Everyone!
WHAT: Project Day, with a focus on norse poetry and prose
WHERE: Augustana College, Sioux Falls, SD

Take your best route to the section of South Grange Ave that sits between 26th and 33rd streets. Look for the SCA sign. There will be a big parking lot, so park there, then head into the building with the bright blue on the front. That is the Commons. Once you are inside the Commons, head to the right, past the mailboxes. When you reach the end of the mail boxes, take a left down that hallway and you will be on site! Look for the SCA signs once you have hit the right area of Grange. Location:
Shire of Border Downs (Sioux Falls, South Dakota)

[ANS] Ansteorra Coronation

Come one, come all to the Barony of the Steppes on November 8th to celebrate the Coronation of Gunthar II and Elizabeth

10 am - Gate opens
12 pm - Step down court
1 pm - Coronation (or half an hour after the end of step down court)
2 pm - Peers meeting (or half an hour after coronation)
2:30 - GOOFS MTG
4 pm - Gate clases, setup for feast begins
5 pm - Feast
8 pm - Clean up / tear down Location:
Barony of the Steppes (Fort Worth, Texas)

[MER] December War Practice

The Meridian Foreign Legion, in cooperation with the Emerald Coast Company and the Shires of Eagle, Talmere and Thorngill, present: December War Practice.

Saturday December 13, 2008

Kiesel Park - 520 Chadwick Lane - Auburn, Alabama
10 a.m. CST - until

This is a one-day war practice to be held at Kiesel City Park in Auburn, Alabama. We invite any and all heavy fighters and combat archers to come out for a pre-holiday heavy-combat war exercise. Gulf Wars is just around the corner! Location:
Meridian Foreign Legion (Auburn, Alabama)

[WES] Jingles

This year, we will be featuring a Byzantine/Roman Feast that is just to dine for. As usual, we will have our Best-Use-of-Bells, Byzantine/Roman table setting, and Brick Spoon competitions. We will also have a return of the Silver Tongued Devil competition.

So, don your best sheets, pack your feast gear and join us for a fun filled day of classes, Helgi's bead making, Consorting 101 for you and your Consort,just to name 2, and of course as usual, a Location:
Province of Southern Shores (Cupertino, California)

[WES] Turkey Tourney

Join us at the Canton of Hawks Haven's annual Turkey Tourney on November 1, 2008! One turkey will be awarded to the top belted fighter and one to the top unbelted fighter. Finally, you can bring home a turkey that will pay tribute to your heroism and martial prowess!

To add a little dramatic flair to our tourney, we would love for all fighters to bring along a banner or pennant with their Location:
Canton of Hawks Haven (Morgan Hill, California)

October 17th

[WES] Yule Feast

Come join us for games, competitions, silent auction, a potluck feast, and general revelry.

For the potluck, try to be medieval: A-G, Side Dishes; H-L, Salads; N-S, Soup/Stew; T-Z, Desserts. Competitions: Best Dressed Table, Best Toast to Baroness Cassandra, Dandy Guess Game (separate for children and adults), Blue Bowl Cooking competition (anything with ginger - documentation not required). A silent "Door Prize" will be held during the event. If you would like to donate an item for the silent auction or the "Door Prize" bring the item to the business meeting in November or email in the details and bring it to the event. There will be a Toys for Tots collection during the event. Bringing a toy will get you five prize tickets. Special Prizes TBA. Location:
Barony of Fettburg (Manteca, California)

World Invitational Joust, 2008

Think you've seen jousting? Think again! This is no dinner show, this is real competition. Cheer top riders from around the world as they battle it out in a weekend of exciting jousting action. Historic Enterprises brings you the only competitive jousting outside the UK sanctioned by the Royal Armouries of England. Don’t miss a single thrilling moment of this unique, world class event.

World Invitational Joust, 2008 - Tournament of the Phoenix Location:
Historic Enterprises (Poway, California)

[OUT] Renaissance Arts Faire

Hear ye, hear ye good and gentle people of the Known World. The time is nigh for the Renaissance Arts Faire in the Shire of Nahrun Kabirun. We would be honored to have you all join us for the festivities. There will be jousting, fighting and dancing and crafts enough to please everyone.

Young Park
1905 Nevada Ave.
Las Cruces , NM 88001

Date: Saturday and Sunday, November 1st and 2nd Location:
Shire of Nahrun Kabirun (Las Cruces , New Mexico)

[OUT] Hunter's Feast

The bounty of the Northern Outlands is rich in game and the hunters of Windkeep have returned successful!

Hunters Feast
Shire of Windkeep, December 6, AS XLIII (2008)
Site opens 12 noon -- close at 10:30 p.m.

Site: Eagles Lodge
1600 Thomes Avenue
Cheyenne WY

Fees: Adult, $10.00; ages 6 – 12, $5.00; under 6, free; Family cap, $30.00 Make checks payable to SCA-Windkeep Location:
Shire of Windkeep (Cheyenne, Wyoming)

[WES] Cynagua Fall Coronet 2008

Their Highnesses Marc and Arianwen call upon the populace to witness the selection of Their Heirs at a Coronet Tournament on Saturday. On Sunday, there will be two tournaments: One to determine the next Prima Spada, and also a Toys for Tots Tournament. Price for entry into the Toys for Tots competition is one brand new toy costing $10 or more. Get more fighting in and help make a child smile this holiday season! There will be a Heavy fighter field and a Rapier field. Please contact Duchess Emma Fitzwilliam for more information. Location:
Principality of Cynagua (Herald, California)

[ATL] Storvik's Baronial Birthday

oin Storvik on a fine autumn weekend to celebrate the harvest and then protect it. Come spend the weekend with Viking raid on the English coast done Storvik-style. Camp and enjoy the cool autumn air and the camaraderie of a good fire.


Martial Activities: Join the Barony of Storvik on October 18 for a Viking raid on the English coastline, circa 900. Location:
Barony of Storvik (Upper Marlboro, Maryland)

[ATL] Windnmasters Hill Baronial Practice

Windmasters Hill Baronial Practice
18 October (this Sat)
12 - 5 with Potluck after
Carolina Pines Park
2305 Lake Wheeler Rd
Raleigh, NC

From I-40 take Lake Wheeler Rd. exit #297. Turn South (away from the Farmers Market). Turn left onto Henslowe Dr. /Carolina Pines and go into the park. Practice will be on the lower field which is not entirely visible from the road. You'll have to park and walk down behind the tennis courts which are completely visible from the road. Location:
Barony of Windmasters Hill (Raleigh, North Carolina)