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Costume Colloquium: A tribute to Janet Arnold

Janet Arnold’s pioneering research into the cut and construction of clothes from the sixteenth to the early twentieth centuries provide invaluable information on clothing from the past. Her series of publications entitled Patterns of Fashion continues to make a profound impact in many fields, from the re-creation of historic dance and other forms of re-enactment to designs for stage, film and television. For art historians and conservators too, her insights have proved an indispensable aid to historical research. Location:
Florence Italy

[ATL] Winter Solstice: Murder in the Dead of Winter

Good friends, on this day in the year 1547 in Venice Italy, you are cordially invited to join us for a wedding celebration! The well-to-do family has laid on an amazing day of festivities, highlighted by a feast guaranteed to delight, prepared by His Grace Duke Lucius Aurelius Valharic. Unfortunately, this happy day is destined to be marred by murder(s) most foul!

But this wedding is more than a stage play, and you dear friends are more than celebrants. We are counting on you to answer the age old questions "Whodunit?" and "why?" At the end of the afternoon, each guest will be asked to fill out a sheet of paper describing their interpretation of the mystery, and who the culprit(s) is(are). After evaluating the detectives' work, the murderer(s) will be hauled off in chains to face the King's Justice, and the detective who solved the crime most correctly will win a prize. Location:
Barony of Sacred Stone (Winston-Salem, North Carolina)

[OUT] War of the Staked Plains XIII

Blackwater Keep invites you to attend the War of the Staked Plains XIII, September 28-30, 2007 at Castillo Llano Estacado, Clovis, NM.

Times: Site opens 6:00pm Friday, closes 2:00pm Sunday
Sponsoring Group: Blackwater Keep
Location: Castillo Llano Estacado, Clovis, NM 88101.

Autocrat: Lady Gyda Magnusdotter

Site Fees:
Adults: $7.00, $3 non-member surcharge Location:
Blackwater Keep (Clovis, New Mexico)