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September 30th

C&C 2008: Barbary Pirates vs The Knights of Rhodes

The Barbary Pirates under the leadership of the most dreaded Barbarossa Brothers are advancing into the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Loyal citizens of the Trimarian Crown are being oppressed and attacked. The sea passage is no longer safe, and heralds are being sold into slavery!

As the knights of Rhodes rally the subjects of the Trimarian Crown to defend the lands and the seas, the Barbarossa Brothers did not rest on their Laurels [the ones they kidnapped, that is) and have been recruiting many more scurvy dogs to fill their ranks. The final battle is near! Battle with the knights and the pirates and lead one to supremacy over the Mediterranean Sea! Location:
Camp Immokalee, Keystone Heights, FL

September 29th

[WES] West Kingdom Crown Tournament

Their Majesties Hauoc and Ginevra invite the populace to join them in witnessing the selection of Their Heirs in beautiful Tres Pinos, California.

There will be a grand Carnival/Performing Arts festival and many artisans of Their Realm shall perform and play and be a part of the festival. It will begin at 11am in conjunction with the Queen's Tea.

Site will open at noon on Friday and close at 4:00pm Location:
West Kingdom (Tres Pinos, California)

[WES] West Kingdom 12th Night A.S. 42

The Royalty of the West and the The Barony of Westermark cordially invite you to attend Grand Coronation Festivities January 4th-6th, A.S. 42 (2008) Doubletree Hotel San Jose

Gates open Friday January 4th from 4pm-10pm and Saturday January 5th from 8am.- 4pm

We are planning many activities for the Week-end, from Friday on, including:

  • A “Wandering Entertainment” Competition - Any interested entertainers, contact the committee Location:
    Barony of Westermark

[MER] Unchained Doom XX

One stormy afternoon amidst hail the size of boulders, a tradition was born. Help us return to our roots and celebrate the founding of our Shire. Twenty years ago our foundation was poured, join us as we celebrate our signature event, Unchained Doom 20. Join us as we gather our founders, the Roll of the Legion of Doom, and all those who wish to be a part of history for a weekend of fighting, feasting and friendship. Location:
Shire of An Dun Theine (Blountsville, Alabama)

September 27th

Costume Colloquium: A tribute to Janet Arnold

Janet Arnold’s pioneering research into the cut and construction of clothes from the sixteenth to the early twentieth centuries provide invaluable information on clothing from the past. Her series of publications entitled Patterns of Fashion continues to make a profound impact in many fields, from the re-creation of historic dance and other forms of re-enactment to designs for stage, film and television. For art historians and conservators too, her insights have proved an indispensable aid to historical research. Location:
Florence Italy

[ATL] Winter Solstice: Murder in the Dead of Winter

Good friends, on this day in the year 1547 in Venice Italy, you are cordially invited to join us for a wedding celebration! The well-to-do family has laid on an amazing day of festivities, highlighted by a feast guaranteed to delight, prepared by His Grace Duke Lucius Aurelius Valharic. Unfortunately, this happy day is destined to be marred by murder(s) most foul!

But this wedding is more than a stage play, and you dear friends are more than celebrants. We are counting on you to answer the age old questions "Whodunit?" and "why?" At the end of the afternoon, each guest will be asked to fill out a sheet of paper describing their interpretation of the mystery, and who the culprit(s) is(are). After evaluating the detectives' work, the murderer(s) will be hauled off in chains to face the King's Justice, and the detective who solved the crime most correctly will win a prize. Location:
Barony of Sacred Stone (Winston-Salem, North Carolina)

[OUT] War of the Staked Plains XIII

Blackwater Keep invites you to attend the War of the Staked Plains XIII, September 28-30, 2007 at Castillo Llano Estacado, Clovis, NM.

Times: Site opens 6:00pm Friday, closes 2:00pm Sunday
Sponsoring Group: Blackwater Keep
Location: Castillo Llano Estacado, Clovis, NM 88101.

Autocrat: Lady Gyda Magnusdotter

Site Fees:
Adults: $7.00, $3 non-member surcharge Location:
Blackwater Keep (Clovis, New Mexico)

September 25th

[DRA] Northern Frankmark Fighterpractice

Greetings! It's time for the next NFFP, We hope to see many of you there.

26.10. - 28.10.2007 The Shires of Two Seas, Baerenau and Aventiure, Germany

We invite all fighthers from far and wide to take part in the third round of the Northern Frankmark Fighterpractice. We hope that many of you will join us to teach fighting and to improve your skills.

For the Fighter Practice : Location:
Shires of Two Seas, Baerenau and Aventiure (Glueckstadt, Germany)

[ATL] All Glass Symposium

On October 27th, the Barony of Stierbach will welcome the glass workers of Atlantia to the All Glass Symposium! Here we will all gather to share knowledge and our passion for all things glass.

Those with traveling torch set-ups, we ask for you to bring your kits. For beginners we will have loaner equipment for you to try your hand at lampworking and some flat work.

There will be kilns on site so that more advanced work can be done. Location:
Barony of Stierbach (Port Royal, Virginia)

[DRA] Summer's Last Stand III

It is that time again. Lady Autumn has returned to hold the peace between Lady Summer and Lady Winter. However, everyone knows that the seasons must change - it is just a matter of when. The Stronghold of Nebelwald invites you to join us as we prepare for the battle that will determine how much longer summer will last.

This seasonally-themed event should find something for everyone - use your wits, might, and/or creativity to earn points for your season. Participants can earn points by taking part in the Mythical Quest, Best Seasonal Recipe, Bardic Competition, and Most Seasonal Mask, as well as a variety of seasonally-themed heavy and light tourneys. There will be a chance to take part in classes, display A&S projects, and/or simply enjoy visiting with friends. Be sure to come prepared for the Masked Feast and Ball where contest winners and Seasonal Change will be announced! Those interested in entering a recipe, teaching a class, or portraying a Lady (enter season Location:
Stronghold of Nebelwald (Schmidmuelen Germany)

[OUT] Al-Barran Toys for Tots Tourney

Their Excellencies of Al-Barran Sir Gregor and Lady Monika and Myself, Lady Cristin wish all to come to this glorious event and support a wonderful cause. We continue to support our Mighty King and his challenge to the Known world. Al-barran will be glorious in the hearts of children again this festive season and will show the known world our grand generosity.

We will hold our traditional tournaments for our Toys for Tots champions both Heavy and Light. HRH Alarik Boleslavsson is our current Heavy weapons T4TChampion and Lord Michael McQuillane is our current light weapons T4Tchampion. We look forward to a wonderful day filled with genourosity and fun. We have a most wonderful Prize table in the planning by Mistress Genevre, There will be high quality prizes for all who fight and help with this event, your generosity will be rewarded beyond anything you have witnessed before Location:
Barony of Al-Barran (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

[MID] Bardic Madness IX: Myth, Legend, and Tale

Greetings and welcome are bid to all Bards, Troubadors, Trouveres, Minstrels, Minnesingers, Jongleurs, Singers, Storytellers, Poets, Scops, Skalds, Fillids, Olaves, Griots, Wordsmiths, and Friends of these arts. Also Musicians, Dancers, Jugglers, Magicians, and Players as well.

This year's Bardic Madness will take place on December 15th, 2007. Our hosts will be the Shire of Lochmorrow (Macomb, IL). Many thanks go to all of them for their hospitality in helping the bardic community out this year. Our theme is inspired by some great period myths, legends, and tales and how they change from the latter to the former. Location:
Shire of Lochmorrow (Macomb, Illinois)

September 20th

[GLE] Gleann Abhann Fall Crown List

The Shire of Ardanroe invites you to witness the sixth Crown List of Gleann Abhann!

The event will be held at Lake Bistineau State Park, Group Camp 1, November 16-18.

Registration is available online through ACCEPS on the Ansteorran website. You can also send your reservations in by mail, Please make checks payable to SCA INC, Shire of Ardanroe.

Shire of Ardanroe
PO Box 44542 Location:
Shire of Ardanroe (Minden, Louisiana)

[WES] Baroness' Masked Ball

In celebration of Fall, Darkwood invites you to attend our Baroness’ Masked Ball. The Theme is Fall Masquerade. We encourage everyone to wear their best masks. During the day there will be classes on mask-making and dancing. There will also be period games for all ages and tournaments for both rapier and heavy fighters.

In the evening a feast will be held to honor our Baroness with the bounty of the Fall harvest. We will Location:
Barony of Darkwood (Tres Pinos, California)

[WES] La Prova Dura

Harken, the call once again resounds from the dry expanse of Cynagua to the far reaches of the Known World. Send us your most valiant warriors and their inspirational consorts for three days of fighting, revelry, and pageantry. On the list field, each fighter takes on all comers until only the best remains standing. From the sidelines, the grace and beauty of the consorts inspires the combatants to unsurpassed feats of chivalry and valor. La Prova Dura celebrates the best of the Society for Creative Anachronism. Location:
Shire of Canale (Tres Pinos, California)

[LOC] Canterbury Faire

Imagine the scene: 150 or more gentles garbed in soft wools and linens. Banners and pennons fly gently in the breeze that stirs the firs. Nearby is a coffee house, where stories of past renown and future conquest are spun, while spindles twirl a more tangible yarn. To one side, knights and nobles practice the arts martial, while consorts discuss bruise remedies. Flocks of charming children run errands when not playing on the lush green grass. A short walk away there is singing beside the waterhole and splashing in the cool deep waters. A hedgehog snuffles idly by. Location:
Barony of Southron Gaard (Waipara, New Zealand)

[MID] Fox Hunt III

The Incipient Shire of Foxvale, sponsored by the Shire of Rokkehealden, is proud to present Fox Hunt III September 22nd, 2007

Join us at the Kendall County Fair Grounds in Yorkville, IL on September 22, 2007 for our third annual Fox Hunt.

Heavy Combat:
The Fox Hunt:
A timed tournament with Hunters bagging as many Foxes as they can in the allotted time while the Foxes will fend off as many Hunters as they can. There will be two victors, the most successful Hunter and the slyest Fox. Location:
Incipient Shire of Foxvale (Yorkville, Ilinois)

[MID] Inferno; or To Hell in a Handbasket

Join the Shire of Mynydd Seren for a day of fighting and arts, in Hell. November 3rd, 2007

Site Opens: 10:00am
Site Closes: 10:30pm

Monroe County Fairgrounds Community Center, 5700 Airport Road, Bloomington, IN 47403

Rapier: A tournament, which will require combatants to travel through the nine circles of hell, is being planned. More information to be posted here as it becomes available. Location:
Shire of Mynydd Seren (Bloomington, Indiana)

[OUT] Al-Barran Day of A&S

The time is near for Her Excellency Monika the Fair, Baroness of al-Barran, to choose a new Arts and Sciences Champion for the mighty barony of al-Barran!! Prepare your greatest works of art! Come show one and all the fierce number of talented artisans we have here in al-Barran!

Documentation is not required but is encouraged to improve your chances. Be Fun and Creative when preparing your display for Her Excellency Monika. The only requirement for entry into the competition is a current paid subscription to the Baronial Shaft. The subscription and list for entry will be open from 9am until 11am. Judging will begin at 11am.Albarran Day of A&S and A&S champion Competition Location:
Barony of al-Barran (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

[WES] Feast of Long Nights X

Join the Northernmost branch of the SCA, in the darkness which comes with the territory and with the New Moon, for the Tenth annual Feast of Long Nights!

We're planning a long Saturday afternoon and evening of reveling, games and feasting.

The event theme will be a Country Feast and our Tenth Year. Wear your most comfortable garb! Contact the event host if you need to borrow clothes!

Canton Ynys Taltraeth (Kotzebue, Alaska)

[ART] Artemisia Crown Tourney

The burgeoning Shire of Arrows' Flight will host Crown Tourney on October 13, 2007, at the beautiful and renowned Castle Amphitheater at the Utah State Hospital.

If you wish to compete in Crown Tourney, letters of intent must be sent to HRH Gareth no later than September 15 (hard copies please). Please include a letter of intent and an entrant form (available on the kingdom website). Their Highnesses have also requested that each entrant and consort have a heraldic banner to display their device during the tourney. Location:
Shire of Arrows' Flight (Provo, Utah)

[WES]Rivenoak Championship Tourney

Games, Glory, and Goodies! Down in the dumps because you didn't get enough fighting at Mists/Cynagua War? Ready to hang out with friends, but depressed because you have to wait for Crown? Then rejoice, because the Rivenoak has come to save you! It's time, after all, to select new champions!

There will be heavy tournament fighting, rapier fighting, melees (of course), games in and out of armor, and merriment (you Location:
Barony of Rivenoak (Chico California)

[MID]Red Dragon

The March of Tirenwydd presents RED DRAGON

September 21, 22, 23, 2007

The lovely Camp Mary Orton near Columbus, Ohio. North on US 23, just North of the 23, 270, 71 interchange. Site is on the left as you come from the South.

Dancing, Fencing, Feasting, Heavy Weapons, A & S, Archery, Thrown Weapons

There is CAMPING THIS YEAR! Troll will open after 4 PM on the 21st. Troll will close at 9 PM the 21st and reopen at 9 AM on the 22nd. Campers should be packed and ready to go by 10 AM on the 23rd. Site is discreetly damp. Heated showers and restrooms are available on the site in the indoor activities building. The ropes course is ABSOLUTELY OFF LIMITS TO EVERYONE. Violators will be immediately removed from the site. Merchants, there are no table fees (site only), so join us for a great weekend. Location:
March of Tirnewydd (Columbus, Ohio)

[MER]Northern Cavalry Practice

Greetings Riders of Merdies, Just a friendly reminder, the Northern Cavalry Practice will be held Saturday September 29, 2007 in Mentone Alabama.

We have well trained rentals available for $10 you get a horse for the day, for any level of rider from first timers to the more experienced. If you are interested in attending the practice please e-mail me off list (logansilveraxe @ so I can make arrangements for the horses. Location:
Mentone, Alabama

[EAS]East Kingdom Coronation

The Barony of Bhakail, with the kind cooperation of the Shire of Caer Adamant, will host the Coronation of Their Royal Highnesses Andreas & Gabriella.

Initial planned activities for the day currently include a tournament, the details for the tournament may be found below, and an A&S exhibit which, to honor the day, will have a Germanic theme. Dance will be taught and led by Arglwydd Dafydd Cyhoeddwyr with music provided by the Bhakaili Branslers. Location:
Barony of Bhakail (New Castle, Delaware)

[GLE]Quest for the Holy Pail 3

The Shire of Rook’s Haven Presents: Quest for the Holy Pail 3: Seekers of the Pail November 9th- 11th, 2007 The Little Creek Ranch, Glen Ms

Come and enjoy the Friday night Black Knight (great sword only), the Grand Pail and Rapier Tourneys. Enjoy live weapons and archery. Come take a class or two. Let your young ones enjoy the kid’s activities. Please check our web site for more information. Location:
Shire of Rook’s Haven (Glen Mississippi)

September 19th

[ANT]Kingdom of An Tir Twelfth Night

Their Majesties of An Tir invite one and all to join Them in celebrating this most glorious of holidays, Twelfth Night hosted by the beautiful Barony of lion's Gate January 11-13, 2008.

Event & Site Information
Aston Pacific Inn Resort Hotel & Conference Centre
1160 King George Highway
White Rock/South Surrey, BC, Canada

Check-in begins at 3pm, Friday Jan. 11, 2008. Location:
Barony of Lion's Gate (White Rock, British Columbia)

[ANS]Tourney by the Loch

Their Serpentine Excellencies, William and Katya, Lord and Lady Loch Soilleir, invite everyone to a day of melees and artistry. In addition to challenging small unit Chivalric and Rapier melees, the Barony of Loch Soilleir will also be holding its A&S, Bardic, Dance, Youth A&S, and Youth Rapier Championships.

October 12-14, 2007

Martial Melees, Challenging Championships, Fabulous Food, Ample Tree-Shaded Camping and Location:
Barony of Loch Soilleir (Hockley, Texas)

[WES]Mists Fall Coronet

It is time once again to choose the new heirs for our fair principality. We will have a full schedule of events all weekend long. Listed below is just a sample of what is in story for you.

For more details please go the Principality website and get the latest information.

Principality of the Mists (Napa, California)

[AET]Fasching with AEthelmearc Fall AEcademy

The Barony of Endless Hills invites you to join us as we celebrate the Carnival of Fasching, the German beginning of the fifth season (Holiday Season). We are pleased to include AEthelmearc's Fall AEcademy. This grand celebration will be held on Saturday, November 3, 2007 at Rectory St. Patrick's Church (Parish Center), 521 Northumberland Street, White Haven, PA 18661. Event hours are 9am until 9pm. Location:
Barony of Endless Hills (White Haven, Pennsylvania)