Archive - May 31, 2007 - Event


17th Annual Pikeman’s Pleasure

The Holy Land Beckons! A great hewn cry has come forth “WE SHALL CRUSADE”. We muster our troops, ready our caravans and prepare our households for Crusade. Please join Petrea Thule for a day of challenges, trials and triumphs on our journey to the Holy Land. We shall begin our race to the mysterious lands to the east at 10 am on the morning of June 2nd 2007 A.S. XLII. The day shall reach fruition at 11 pm after a wondrous foreign and exotic feast. The Normans may have a head start but the Saxons and the Baron are hot on the trail; which team will reach the Holy land first and seize the glory? Location:
Canton of Petrea Thule (Millbrook, Ontario)