Archive - Oct 11, 2007 - Event


[ANS] Brad Leah Survivor

Grab two or four of your favorite friends to watch your back, and join us at Camp Graham Ball for this melee event extraordinaire!

Be on site by 10 AM to join the morning maneuvers as we storm the castle and take the bridge. After a sideboard lunch, take to the field once more for field melees and a town battle. Three Kings and Bordermarch Melees are around the corner... under the tutelage of some of the top Knights and Centurions in the biz, brush up on your commands and communication, your cooperation and coordination, and even your comradeship while you're at it! Wind up the night with a hearty game of Apocalypto-ball-- if that doesn't cinch it, what will? Location:
Shire of Brad Leah (Lake Kickapoo, Texas)

[CAL] Fall Rush

Welcome! Standing Stones is hosting this year's Fall RUSH, once again on the campus of the University of Missouri- Columbia. We are excited to present a variety of hands-on workshops as well as traditional lecture classes. Be prepared to experience a menagerie of scholarly pursuits!

Event Steward:
HE Countess Caillin MacKenzie

October 13th-14th

Site opens at 9am. Location:
Shire of Standing Stones (Columbia, Missouri)

[MER] Castle Wars V

Come visit the lovely seaside resort of Elsinore, where princes and kings have dined, loved, fought, and died....

Sandy Beach Park
Lake Tobesofkee
Macon Georgia

November 16-18, 2007

Event Steward
Lady Elewyiss the Jew
elewyiss (at) gmail (dot) com

When you send in your check, send or email Yves all of that information you usually write on the form - Modern name, Society name, Membership number, Membership expiration date, what you're paying for (adult, minor, child, daytrip, camping, feast). If he has your email address, he'll send you a confirmation message. If you don't have email, include your phone number and he'll call you with the confirmation. Location:
Barony of the South Downs (Macon, Georgia)

[LOC] Politarchopolis Baronial Championships and Feast

Their Majesties Hugh and Terasa, King and Queen of Lochac will soon journey to the Barony of Politarchopolis. Pray gather and prepare for Their Majesties will attend the tourneys, contests and celebrations of the inaugural Politarchopolis Spring Baronial Championship.

Come join the pageantry, test your skill at arms, archery or the gentler arts. From among the contestants and combatants Their Excellencies Location:
Barony of Politarchopolis (Phillip, ACT)