Archive - Sep 7, 2006 - Event


Queen's Equestrian Championship Tournament

Bring your faithful destrier (or rent one from the Caidan Royal Stables) and join us upon the tourney field to fight for the honor of being Her Majesty Kolfinna’s Equestrian Champion.

Riders (Intermediate and Advanced) will compete on the Quintain, Rings, Pig Heads and Beheading the Enemy. Top riders will advance to the finals for a ride-off of Her Majesty’s choosing. Beginners and young riders are also welcome – special competition categories will be created depending on the authorization levels. Location:
Kingdom of Caid (Chino, CA)

Quest for the Round Table

Attend ye all to a celebration of the days of Arthurian legend. Delight in the display of the virtues so admired that they were reenacted in tournaments throughout the Middle Ages. Come and vie for the exalted position as a Knight of the Round Table as you strive to attain the glory of a legendary knight and his virtue.

The favors you will receive from all will gain points toward your ultimate goal. Location:
The Shire of Tir Medoin (Belton, TX)