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Harvest Court

On Oct. 31, A.S. XX, the branch called Sentinels’ Keep was founded, in the Region of Artemisia. Since then we have grown, from incipient Shire to Barony. Many of our founding folk have wandered away, but many more have come to take their places. Now Sentinels’ Keep invites her many friends from near and far to help us celebrate 20 years of our existence, on October 21. (This year we’re half as old as the Society!) Location:
Barony of Sentinels' Keep (Arlee, Montana)

Boar's Head

Come one and all to Caer Anterth's annual Feast of Boar's Head. This year, we are honoring the area's rich Teutonic heritage with a Kristkindlmarkt, a German Christmas Market, and a German feast. Come enjoy excellent shopping opportunities, wonderful classes, children's activities, A&S displays, and armored, rapier, and youth combat; as well as a chance to see friends, old and new, at this joyous season. Location:
Barony of Caer Anterth (West Bend, Wisconsin)

Oktoberfest/Toys for Tots Tourney

The Barony of Wealdsmere would like to welcome you to our annual Oktoberfest/Toys for Tots Tourney. We will have good food, good fighting, and good dancing! This year, Wealdsmere’s Oktoberfest/Toys for Tots Tourney will be held at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds in Davenport, Washington.

The site will open at 9:00 AM. Fighting offered will be heavy combat tournament style and rapier. Weather permitting there will also be archery. Location:
Barony of Wealdsmere (Davenport, Washington)