November 16th, 2003

Vindolanda Tablets Searchable Online

The Vindolanda Tablets, which were discovered at a Roman fort in Northern England, are now searchable online.

History of Rome to Come to TV

The BBC and HBO will band together to produce a 12-hour mini-series on the history of Rome.

November 15th

"Cinderella Goes to the Movies" at the Western Reserve Historical Society

An exhibit which "explores the art, costumes and history of the western Cinderella story," featuring costumes from "Cinderella" movies, is set to open at the Western Reserve Historical Society in Cleveland, Ohio.

Viking Brooches Unearthed Outside Doncaster

A rare set of brooches unearthed in the grave of a Viking woman are set to take pride of place at Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery following their discovery by archaeologists.

Oetzi's Finders Wait for Reward

A German couple, who discovered the now famous mummified body of Oetzi, is still waiting to collect their reward.

November 14th

Change in Policy for Story Comments

For legal reasons, is changing its policy on anonymous comments about news articles.

Atlantia Fighter Publishes Fighter Training Texts

Lord Sylvanus Perrin of the Barony of Storvik in Atlantia has announced the online availability of training resources for fighters.

Was Orkney the Ceremonial Center of Britain?

Herald: Archaeologists using new techniques to investiagte Stone Age settlements in Orkney have discovered a site of massive size beneath the soil.

"It's a Kilt, Not a Skirt, Dammit!"

Recently, Eurostat, an agency of the European Union, wanted a kilt manufacturer to classify their product under the heading of: women's skirts. A furor arose.

SCA Corporate Financial Statement Published

The Society Treasurer has announced the annual publication of the Society's Financial information.

Atlantia Welcomes New Subject

William Hager Eldred, son of Baron Llwyd and Baroness Kaleeb is Atlantia's newest subject.

November 13th

Basic Armoring Made Easy

The second edition of "Basic Armouring - A Practical Introduction to Armour Making" by Paul Blackwell is available as an Acrobat PDF download.

Chicago's Newberry Library to Host Elizabethan Exhibit

THL Johnnae llyn Lewis announced recently on the SCAlibrarians list that the Newberry Library in Chicago will be hosting a large exhibit on Elizabeth I honoring the 400th anniversary of her death.

Roman Well Discovered in Worcester, England

Archaeologists have unearthed a fourth century Roman well in Worcester, England at a construction site for a new footpath.

November 12th

Alleged Sexual Abuse Case Now National Story

The Cable News Network and the Associated Press have now picked up the story of sexual abuse allegations against Ben Schragger, known in the SCA as Ben the Steward.

SCA Rapier Gear Stolen in Meridies

THL Elijah Cameron of Black Isle reports the recent theft of his van, which contained his rapier gear, in Savannah, Georgia in the Kingdom of Meridies.

A Pocketbook Threat: Medieval Institute Publications Online Bookstore

The Western Michigan University Medieval Institute Publications online bookstore is now open.

2002 Blackfox Award Winners Announced

Honor of Restormel, Deputy Society Chronicler, has announced the winners of the William Blackfox Awards for 2002.

Roman Sites Explored in Serbia and Romania

IPS: Archaeologists have now been able to resume excavations of a number of Roman sites in Serbia and Romania, including an underwater expedition in the Danube River.

November 11th

Midrealm Evergreens Invited to Display Work

Members of the Middle Kingdom A&S Order of the Evergreen have been invited to display their work at the Barony of Roaring Wastes 12th Night celebration, January 3, 2004.

Anonymous 4 to Disband

The acapella quartet Anonymous 4, which specializes in medieval music, will disband.

Atlantia Crown Tourney Photos Online

Baron Llwyd of the Barony of Tir-y-Don has announced the posting of photos from Atlantia's recent Crown Tournament.

New Files Added to Stefan's Florilegium

THL Stefan li Rous has announced new files added to the "Florilegium" for November 2003.

Researchers Look for Clues to Petrarch's Appearance

Scientists in Italy will unearth the remains of Italian poet Petrarch in an effort to learn about his physical appearance.

East Kingdom Names Poetry Champions

Lady Ana Raquel de Guzman, the King's Poet of the Eastrealm, has anounnced the winners of the Crown Tourney Poetry Contest.

November 10th

Saxon Gold Ornament May Have Link to Bloody Saxon King

Isle of Wight County Press: A gold and jeweled sword belt ornament found recently on the Isle of Wight may have belonged to the Saxon king responsible for using force to convert the island population to Christianity.

Master Richard the Strange Killed in Auto Accident in Atenveldt

Atenveldt Master of the Laurel, Richard the Strange, mka Rick Felix, early musician and self described "cowboy tuba-man" was killed in an automobile accident near Cordes Junction, Arizona on Saturday, November 8, 2003.

"Empire of the Sultans" Comes to the Frick

The Frick Art & Historical Center in Pittsburgh, PA will host the traveling exhibit "Empire of the Sultans: Ottoman Art from the Khalili Collection" November 29, 2003 through February 8, 2004.

November 10th

Liam Peregrine Vaughan Welcomed to Atlantia

The Kingdom of Atlantia has increased by one with the birth of Liam Peregrine Vaughan on November 1, 2003.

New Peers in Calontir

Calontir's Fall Crown Tourney was the site of the announcement of two new peers in the Kingdom.