Archive - 2013

June 16th

Vehicles with trailers targeted

Carowyn encourages travelers to the Pennsic War to take care in securing trailers carrying gear with a lock to prevent theft of the trailer.

Position Available: Society Minister of Arts & Sciences

The Board of Directors of the Society for Creative Anachronism is seeking candidates for the position of Society Minister of Arts & Sciences.

Be a hero, save a life at Pennsic 42

Baroness Angelique d’Herisson reports that a Red Cross Blood Drive will again take place at this year's Pennsic War.

June 15th

"Chivalry, honour and grace" in Lochac

"What I love about these events is the gentile [sic] behaviour of the lords and ladies with everyone embracing the concept of chivalry, honour and grace," said Catalina Damiana Flores de la Monatana (Camila Turner) about attending events in the SCA. Catalina recently spoke to Chris Owen of the Sunshine Coast Daily (Queensland, Australia). (photos)

Is this the oldest European image of Native Americans?

Restoration of a fresco in the Vatican has revealed a small group of naked dancing men with feathers in their hair. Researchers think these figures may be depictions of Native Americans. The fresco was painted by Renaissance master Pinturicchio in 1494, just two years after Columbus sailed to America.

June 14th

Pennsic War

The Pennsic War is an annual American medieval camping event held by the Society for Creative Anachronism—a "war" between two large regional SCA groups: the Kingdom of the East and the Middle Kingdom. It is the single largest annual SCA event, with more than 10,000 people attending each year, from as far as Sweden, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, and Australia.

East Kingdom's Archery Champions Decided

On Saturday, June 1, 2013, the outgoing Royal Archery Champions of the East ran a devious (some would say “despicable”) tournament to determine their successors.

Pennsic 42 War Point Schedule

The outcome of this year’s Pennsic War is based on 47 war points. The East Kingdom Gazette reviews the overall schedule, as it will appear in the site booklet.

June 13th

Stone from medieval church found in Welsh stream

An archeologist taking a walk in the woods discovered an inscribed stone that likely belonged to a nearby medieval church in Wales.  The decoration on the stone dates to the 9th or 10th century. The stone features an unusual cross only seen in two other stones.

AEthelmearc Spring 2013 Crown Tournament photos

Joe reports that he has created an album of photos from Spring 2013 Crown Tournament which took place May 4, 2013 in the Kingdom of AEthelmearc. The photos are available to view on Photobucket.

Laurels Beat Pelicans in Boffer Fundraiser

The Laurels and Pelicans tried to take to the field at Panteria on a rainy weekend to raise money for the East Kingdom's Pennsic War Chest. Instead of holding boffer melees outside, the peers engaged in one-on-one bouts for the entertainment of a soggy crowd at an event where most of the activities were rained out.

June 12th

Perthshire community pitches in to excavate Pictish longhouse

Residents of Perthshire, Scotland will have a unique opportunity in June 2013 to re-discover their own heritage when archaeologists will undertake the excavation of a Pictish longhouse. In addition to the chance to help in the dig, the project will include workshops, guided walks, presentations, and demonstrations.

Three placed on vigil at AEthelmearc War Practice

Silver Buccle Herald, Kameshima-roku-i Zentarou Umakai, reports that Their Majesties Maynard and Liadain of the Kingdom of AEthelmearc have placed three of Their subjects on vigil to contemplate elevation to the Peerage. The announcements were made at AEthelmearc War Practice, May 18, 2013.

Corning Museum to host glass bead exhibition and conference

Until January 5, 2014, the Corning Museum of Glass will present Life on a String: 35 Centuries of the Glass Bead, a major exhibition of glass beads and beadwork from many cultures. In addition, the museum will offer demonstrations of bead-making, as well as hosting its Annual Seminar on Glass October 18-19, 2013.

June 11th

Making ink with Ian the Green

On the SCA Newcomers list, THLord Ian the Green offered information on the making of period ink by way of his blog Scribescribbling. He also offers documentation on recent ink-making experiences.

Project Trollhiem

Jim Revells, a.k.a. Olaf Trollhiemsfjord, is in the process of founding a company to teach traditional crafts and trades. Project Trollhiem, LLC is currently seeking funding to take their program on the road.

Medici Family Afflicted by Rickets

Exhumed skeletons of the family members of the Grand Dukes of Tuscany show distinctive signs of rickets, some from early birth.

June 10th

Luc Fitz Warrin knighted in Calontir

Duke Eringlin Aldhelm reports that at the recent Tournament of Horse and Falcon event, Their Majesties Donngal and Catalina, of the Kingdom of Calontir, conferred upon the Honorable Luc Fitz Warrin the acolade of Knighthood.

Pennsic registration deadline extended one day

The deadline for online registration for Pennsic War 42 has been extended until 11:00 p.m. U.S. Eastern time, according to the Pennsic official web site.

Help end the book famine for the blind

The blind and print disabled of the world need your help. John G. Paré Jr., Executive Director for Advocacy and Policy for the National Federation of the Blind, is promoting a petition to open copyright laws to allow publication of books in special formats like Braille and to be shared across international borders.

June 9th

Sunset for Calendar/Events feature

Based on reader comments (both online and offline), will phase out the Events (Calendar) feature gradually over the next several months, and discontinue it entirely as of September 1, 2013.

Embracing the differences of the past

Dr. Suzannah Lipscomb, historian, author, broadcaster, and award-winning academic, presents a TED Talk (Technology, Entertainment, Design) on how to discuss history through its differences from modern life instead of its similarities. The 14-minute video is available on YouTube.

June 8th

Rose Tournament at Pennsic 42

Duchesses Anna and Seonaid are pleased and proud to announce that this Pennsic will feature the return of the Knowne Worlde Ladies of the Rose Tourney. The official date and time of the Tourney is Wednesday, July 31, 2013 at 12:00 noon at the East Kingdom Pavilion.

June 7th

Old Duchy Palace restoration completed

Thanks to the Cornwall Buildings Preservation Trust and The Prince's Regeneration Trust's UK£1m grant, Cornwall's Old Duchy Palace in Lostwithiel has been restored and will contain a permanent heritage exhibition about the palace and its restoration in its basement. (photos)

Australians, the Board wants YOUR help!

Tiffany Brown, m.k.a. Teffania de Tuckerton, Chair, SCA Ltd, requests the aid of members of the SCA in Australia to help with special tasks.

Thugs for Jugs at Pennsic 42

Brian de Moray, Free Scholar of the Academie de Espee in the Kingdom of Atlantia reports that a rapier tournament to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer research will take place July 29, 2013 at Pennsic 42. Thugs for Jugs - A breast cancer rapier charity tourney - will be held on the rapier field.

June 6th

London's "lost stream" yields treasures.

Beneath the streets of London runs a river of gold - not actual gold and not actually a river, but archaeological gold in the form of the "lost" Walbrook River. Dubbed "the Pompeii of the north," the thick layer of mud has been a treasure trove of Roman artifacts, from a gladiator’s amber amulet to entire buildings. (photos and video)

Bored Viking Carved Outline of His Foot on Ship Deck

Two foot outlines, a right and a left, were recently noticed on removable deck planking on the Viking Gokstad Ship.

June 5th

The mystery of the Lewes skeleton closer to a solution?

Experts are hoping to puzzle out the mystery of a skeleton found buried in a cemetery in the middle of the Lewes battlefield, the site of the historic 1264 Battle of Lewes, which "resulted in the king's defeat and the summoning of England's first representative parliament - as an 'early struggle for democracy.'" All other battle casualties were "slung into a pit.”

Medieval castles repurposed in Syrian civil war

Fortresses constructed during the Middle Ages by crusader knights are being used and fought over by both government and rebel forces who see their strategic advantages. The war has already destroyed many historic sites in the country, such as Aleppo's 11th-century minaret.