Archive - May 2013

Armoring Richard III

At the March 2, 2013 Conference of the Richard III Society, Dr Toby Capwell discusses how the royal armorer might have coped with Richard's scoliosis. The 30-minute presentation, with slides, is available on YouTube.

Stefan's Florilegium updates for May 2013

THLord Stefan li Rous has published updates to Stefan's Florilegium for May 2013.

New Exhibitions Centre to host Viking ship at British Museum

The British Museum will introduce the world to its new World Conservation and Exhibitions Centre with its premiere exhibit focusing on Vikings, and will include the largest known Viking ship. In addition to exhibit space, the UK£135 million project, scheduled to open in March 2014, will provide research, testing, conservation and storage space. (photo)

May 30th

Estrella War XXX A&S Competition 2014 Category Descriptions

Master Raven Mayne reports that the category descriptions for the A&S Competition at Estrella War XXX are now available to view online.

Historical Costume Contest winner announced

Earlier this year, Sandy Gowland of Old Time Patterns issued a challenge: create an historical costume. Some entrants used existing patterns, while others made their own. The winner was announced on May 25, 2013. The results can be viewed on the website.

May 29th

Photos from Ansteorra Spring 2013 Coronation

Master Caelin on Andrede reports that he has created several albums of photos taken by Pyro and himself at the recent Spring 2013 Coronation in the Kingdom of Ansteorra. The photos are available on Flickr.

SCA recognized in Berkeley history article

Steven Finacom of the Berkeley Historical Society looks at the city's history from late April to early May, and includes the first event of what would become the Society for Creative Anachronism on May 1, 1966. The short article appears in the San Jose Mercury News.

May 28th

Live from Ansteorra... It's Queen's Champion

Collwyn O'Snowdon of Timeless Photography tried an experiment at the recent Queen's Champion event in the Kingdom of Ansteorra: he uploaded photos from the event - almost live. The results of the experiment can be viewed on his website.

UK£57,395 needed to "save" additional pieces of Staffordshire Hoard

In 2009, the Stoke-on-Trent City Council and Birmingham City Council campaigned to keep the 3,500 artifacts of the Staffordshire Hoard in their cities. Now the councils are teaming up again to raise the money to purchase an additional 81 pieces discovered in November 2012. (photos)

Medieval Times: The Movie

In a move that is tragically not part of an SCA Today April Fool's story, two Hollywood production companies are teaming up to make a movie based on Medieval Times "Dinner and Tournament" theme restaurant.

May 27th

"Mysterious" skeleton found in Irish crannog

Archaeologists are pondering the cause of death of a 15th century teenager buried in an "irregular" manner on a crannog, a man made island settlement, in County Fermanagh, Ireland. The remains of the young woman seem to indicate a hasty burial, leading experts to consider foul play.

Scholars at conference debate cannibalism

Scholars love to debate unusual topics, a fact proven by a recent interdisciplinary cannibal conference held at the Manchester Museum in April, 2013. The museum is connected to the University of Manchester, while the conference is sponsored by Hic Dragones, a creative writing and literature organization based in Manchester.

Bart fitz Neal placed on vigil in Northshield

Baron Maol Mhichil mac Giolla Pheadair, Polaris Principal Herald, reports that at Their Crown Tourney, Their Majesties Morgan and Lusche of the Kingdom of Northshield placed Bart fitz Neal on vigil to contemplate elevation to the Order of the Laurel.

May 26th

"Romans Revealed" project allows children to "dig" into diversity of Roman Britain

A new interactive website, aimed at children, has been launched by the Runnymede Trust and archaeologists from the University of Reading. The site focusses on the diversity of Roman Britain by allowing children to learn about Roman residents such as the ‘Ivory Bangle Lady,’ a "high status young woman of North African descent who remains were buried in Roman York."

Scottish "wall" built fifty years before Hadrian's

BBC History Magazine reports that archaeologists have identified a first century Roman defense system that extended 120 miles across Scotland. The series of forts, watchtowers and defensive ditches predates Hadrian's Wall by 50 years, and the Antonine Wall by 20. (photos and map)

Public encouraged to participate in Navenby dig

The recent discovery of what is believed to be a Roman dwelling, dating to the 3rd or 4th century, in Navenby, Lincolnshire, England, offers an opportunity to the public to participate in a real archaeological dig. Work on the site is being sponsored by the Heritage Lottery Fund and will continue until September.

May 25th

The Shakespeare Conspiracy?

The world debate continues. Did William Shakespeare really write his plays or was it someone else? But Stanley Wells, honorary president of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and eminent Shakespearean scholar thinks he knows the truth and has gathered a small army of literary scholars to prove it: a new book William Shakespeare Beyond Doubt.

Plantagenet descendants battle for bones of Richard III

Descendants of King Richard III have launched a legal challenge to the burial of the king's remains in Leicester Cathedral, near the site where his skeleton was discovered. Sian Lloyd of the BBC reports in a short video.

Umayyad Mosque minaret destroyed in Syrian fighting

The iconic minaret of the Umayyad Mosque complex in the Syrian city of Aleppo has collapsed during fighting between rebels and government troops. The minaret dates to the 11th century.

May 24th

Scholars test medieval recipes

Graduate students at Durham University in England were in for a real medieval treat when they participated in a cookery workshop using recipes from a recently discovered 12th century Durham Priory manuscript, considered to predate the earliest known examples by 150 years. The Latin manuscript was created in the 12th century at Durham Cathedral’s priory.

Ansteorra tornado disaster relief: How you can help

Lady Marion inghean ui Ruanadha, Disaster Relief Coordinator for the Kingdom of Ansteorra, offers detailed information on how other SCA members can help those affected by this week's massive tornado that struck Moore, Oklahoma.

Count Sir Hiromoto victor of Gleann Abhann Spring 2013 Crown Tournament

Reporting Herald Rory reports that Count Sir Hiromoto was the winner of the May 18, 2013 Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann. His Highness was inspired in His endeavor by Countess Kimiko.

May 23rd

Equality at Last -- Queen An Tir: “I Am So Proud!”

In the An Tir Crown list processional on Saturday, May 18 XLVII (2013), seven fighters proudly presented their same sex inspirations to the court and fought for them that day upon the fields of honor.

May 22nd

Nigel and Adrielle new Heirs to Ealdormere Thrones

Marion reports that Sir Nigel MacFarlane was victorious in the May 18, 2013 Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Ealdormere. Sir Nigel was inspired in his endeavor by Countess Adrielle Kerrec.

Ragnarr Blackhammer new Prince of Atlantia

Her Majesty Ysabella reports that Duke Ragnarr Blackhammer, inspired by Baroness Lynette Semere, was the winner of the May 4, 2013 Crown Tourney in the Kingdom of Atlantia.

May 21st

So you want to be the Kingdom Seneschal? Thoughts from a prior East Kingdom Seneschal

The East Kingdom has put the call out for a new Kingdom Seneschal.  At the East Kingdom Gazette, an editor and prior Kingdom Seneschale published her thoughts on what possible applicants should consider.

"Exciting" find may point to Anglo-Saxon monastery

Work on the heating system of St Hilda’s Church, on Hartlepool’s Headland in England, has unearthed an Anglo Saxon grave, leading experts to believe that the church was constructed over site of St Hilda’s Anglo-Saxon monastery. Dr Steve Sherlock, of Tees Archaeology, said: “It’s an exciting thing."

Timothy and Gabrielle new AEthelmearc Heirs

THL Ishiyama Gen'tarou Yori'ie reports that Timothy of Arindale was the winner of the May 4, 2013 Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of AEthelmearc. Duke Timothy was inspired in his endeavor by Duchess Gabrielle van Nijenrode.

May 20th

Damien MacGavin victor of Calontir Spring 2013 Crown Tourney

Yesungge reports that Damien MacGavin was the winner of the Spring 2013 Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Calontir. His Highness was inspired in His endeavor by Issabell St. Charles.

Period concert in Washington D.C.

On June 1-2, 2013, Cantare, Inc. will present Collegium Cantorum under the direction of Timothy Kendall in a program entitled Chance Encounter, 1506, Part II of the occasional series "The Fayrfax Concerts" presenting Renaissance choral masterworks by Pierre de La Rue (c. 1542-1518) and Robert Fayrfax (1464-1521) at two sites in the Washington D.C. area.