Archive - Apr 7, 2013

"Whispers in stone" on Norwich Cathedral walls

"Just about everything that would have been important to the citizens of Norwich during the Middle Ages" has been found scrawled on the walls of Norwich Cathedral report volunteers from the Norfolk Medieval Graffiti Survey, who are cataloging the grafitti. (photos)

Albrecht von Trier placed on vigil at Gulf Wars

Francesca di Pavia, Blue Iris Herald, reports that at Their Court at Gulf Wars, Their majesties Garick and Yasamin, of the Kingdom of the Outlands, called forth THL Albrecht von Trier, and placed him on vigil to contemplate admittance to the Order of Chivalry.

Robin Hood really William of Kensham?

William of Kensham was a resistance fighter in Kent, England who fought the French forces of Prince Louis in 1216, and he might, according to historian Sean McGlynn, be the basis for the Robin Hood myth.

Elena Edgar offered admittance into the Order of the Laurel at Western Crown

TRM Obediah and Ascelin offered elevation into the Order of the Laured to Their subject, Baroness Elena Edgar, Sunday morning of the annual March Crown Lists for the Kingdom of the West.