Archive - Apr 23, 2013

Unidentified Winchester bones could be exhumed for testing

The recent discovery of the remains of Richard III have led experts to wonder if an unmarked grave in Winchester, England might hold the bones of King Alfred the Great.

Gulf Wars XXII: "My kid brother thinks I'm crazy"

When interviewed by Donesha Aldridge of WHLT 22 television, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Gulf Wars Media Specialist Sheila Doughty and rapier fighter Theorn Rutyna spoke about the fun and comradery of the SCA. (video)

Who's the rightful British monarch?

Is Queen Elizabeth II the rightful ruler of Great Britain? Tony Robinsons doesn't think so. He explains in a 48-min. documentary produced for Channel 4.

Jethro Stille placed on vigil for Pelican in the Outlands

Master Mordrake reports that Their Majesties Garick and Yasamin of the Kingdom of the Outlands have chosen to place THL Jethro Stille on vigil to contemplate elevation to the Order of the Pelican. The offer was made at the Tri-Baronial A&S Competition.