Archive - Jun 15, 2012

Court photos from AEthelmearc War Practice 2012

Rowena ni Dhonnchaidh reports that she has posted an album of photos from AEthelmearc War Practice 2012. The photos are available to view on Photobucket.

The exemplary life of Dolce of Worms

A famous elegy, written in the 12th century, extoles the virtues of Dolce of Worms, a medieval Jewish woman in Germany. The elegy, and its preface, were written by her husband R. Elazar who depicted his wife as the perfect Jewish woman. Renee Levine Melammed profiles husband and wife.

Team USA: What lies ahead?

Sir Gaston de Clermont, General of the Army of Ansteorra, reports on his return from the recent Battle of the Nations in Warsaw, Poland, and discusses the future of the SCA's Team USA.