Archive - May 28, 2012

Evidence of smuggling found in Roman shipwreck

Italian archaeologists have recently excavated a 3rd century Roman shipwreck off the coast of Marausa Lido, a beach resort near Trapani. On board they found eveidence of smuggling in the form of unusual tubular tiles, taken from North Africa to Rome. (photo)

Medievalists converge on Kalamazoo

The annual rite of spring at Western Michigan University has little to do with student water fights or protests, and everything to do with international scholars on such estoeric topics as the life cycle of medieval monasteries or medieval medicine, when the university hosts the biennial International Congress on Medieval Studies.

Holy Robe shines spotlight on Trier

In 1500, the Holy Robe, believed by Catholics to have been worn by Jesus, was installed as a relic in the ancient Catholic cathedral in Trier, Germany, once the Roman capital north of the Alps. Since then, the robe has been exhibited only 17 times, and is currently on display until May 13, 2012.