Archive - May 21, 2012

Thomas and Elisenda new Heirs to Meridies Throne

William of Loddington reports that Thomas Blackmoore defeated Ragnarr Thorfinsonn in the final round of the May 5, 2012 Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Meridies.

Edward Grey of Lochleven victor of East Kingdom Spring 2012 Crown

Freya reports that Count Edward Grey of Lochleven defeated Lord Marcus Blackheart in the final bout of the Spring 2012 Crown Tourney in the Kingdom of the East.

Learning about the Middle Ages in the Barony of Wastekeep

Students from Enterprise Middle School in West Richland, Washington got a special treat recently when members of the Barony of Wastekeep, Kingdom of An Tir visited their school to teach them about life in the Middle Ages. The NBC affiliate KNDO/KNDU has the story. (video)

Khalek Shuurag Od winner of AEthelmearc Spring 2012 Crown Tournament

Edward and Anastasie reports that Count  Khalek Shurrag Od was the victor of the recent Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of AEthelmearc. His Highness was inspired by Branwen ferch Gwythyr.