Archive - Apr 20, 2012

Outlanders made Peers at Estrella War

Lord Rowland the Grey of Lincolnshire reports that Their Majesties Kynan and Gilliana of the Outlands offered Peerages to several of Their subjects at the recent Estrella War XXVIII.

Searchable Online Artefact Database

The extensive collection of paintings, engravings and artefacts in the Museum Boijmans Van Beunigen is now searchable online.

13th century Jewish marker Germany's oldest

A tombstone, bearing the name of  “Frau Dolze” daughter of “Herr Asher,” has been discovered in Erfurt, Germany near the city’s Old Synagogue. The marker, one of 58, dates to the year 1259. Officials in the city have applied to make the cemetery a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.