Archive - Apr 14, 2012

Stefan's Florilegium updates for April 2012

THLord Stefan li Rous has posted updates to Stefan's Florilegium for April 2012.

Duke Timmur Jochan winner of Spring 2012 Crown Tourney in Artemisia

Bianca reports that Timmur Jochan, inspired by Saige verch Laurens, was the winner of the April 7, 2012 Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Artemisia.

THL Raven Mayne on vigil in Atenveldt

Mistress Turrel reports that Their Majesties Craven and Elzbieta, of the Kingdom of Atenveldt, have placed THL Raven Mayne on vigil to contemplate elevation to the Order of the Laurel.