Archive - Feb 12, 2012

SoulPad tents offer alternative to pavilions

Looking for an alternative to the large, traditional medieval pavilion? Ckeck out SoulPad, a company which provides "a sturdy type of tent whose walls are held up by a single central pole."

Historical Japanese mathematics website online

The National Diet Library of Japan has created a website for the study of Wasan, the mathematics that developed in Japan before the Edo period with text written by Mr. Sato Ken’ichi, Associate Professor, University of Electro-Communications, and Orita Hiroharu, Library Counsellor of the National Diet Library.

Erotic Tudor love poem discovered in West Virginia library

English gentlewomen of Tudor times, especially, married Catholic women to Protestant scholars, were not supposed to pen love poems to men, but this did not deter Lady Elizabeth Dacre, whose work was recently discovered in a 16th century copy of Chaucer.