Archive - Nov 28, 2012

"Epic parties" marked spectacular Anglo-Saxon feasting hall

1,300 years ago, a "spectacular Anglo-Saxon feasting hall" was abandoned in Kent, England. Recently a team of archaeologists from the University of Reading marked the end of their excavations of the site with a candlelight ceremony surrounding the building which knew so many "epic parties."

I say, is that a sword you're carrying...

Fans of rapier combat and regency romance will appreciate a short film by Leo Burton. The Duel At Blood Creek is the winner of several short film awards. [OOP and PG13]

Three awarded Peerages at Outlands Newcomers Event

Lord Cilléne mac Conghalaigh reports that at Their New Comers Event, Their Royal Majesties, Flanagan and Drahomira of the Kingdom of the Outlands offered Peerages to three of Their subjects.