Archive - Jul 5, 2011

A Roman "what's-it?"

We know it's Roman, but what the heck is it? That's the question being asked by archaeologists about a Roman dodecahedron dating from the 2nd-3rd century and found throughout Roman Europe. (photo)

Eirik Andersen's Trillium War 2009 photos online

Eirik Andersen reports that he has created an album of photos from Trillium War 2009 and posted them on his website.

Illuiminations of "Medieval Realms" brings Middle Ages to life

On its website, the British Library offers a collection of medieval manuscripts on a number of subjects offering insight into medieval life. Also available is the Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts.

Bodies found in well tell story of Medieval persecution

Seventeen skeletons found in a well in Norwich, England are the suspected victims of an anti-Jewish massacre. DNA and other analysis has shown that the six adults and eleven children were part of the same family and date to the 12th or 13th century.

Jousters needed for reality show

The History Channel is now casting for a new reality show entitled Full Metal Jousting. Entrants, who need not be experienced jousters, could win the US$100,000 grand prize. The deadline for application is July 20, 2011.