Archive - Jul 18, 2011

Rowany Festival photos online

Thyri skjaldmaer, Webmistress for the Shire of Adora in Lochac, reports that she has posted an album of photos from Rowany Festival. The photos are available to view in PhotoBucket.

Peerages annouced at Lilies 25 Court

Master Andrixos, Co-Steward of Lilies War 25, reports that Their Majesties Anton and Isabeau placed four of Their subjects on vigil to contemplate elevation to the Peerage.

16th century Chinese bronze found in shipwreck off Mexico

A 16th century Chinese bronze in the form of a Foo Dog has been found off the Pacific coast of Baja, Mexico. The artifact is believed to come from the cargo of the galleon San Felipe which disappeared in 1576.