Archive - Apr 2011

April 22nd

[DRA] 3rd annual Herrnleis Encampment

For us a new year will begin and our annual encampment will take place in the beautyful landscape of the „Weinviertel“.

[CAI] Potrero War

The Barony of Calafia would be pleased for you to join them for Spring Potrero War, Thursday May 26, 2006 - Monday May 30, 2011, at Potrero Regional Park, 24800 Potrero Park Road, Potrero, CA 91963.

[EAL] Lady Mary Memorial Tourney

The Barony of Rising Waters invites you to attend the Lady Mary Memorial Tourney

Wasaga under Siege

Just a quick reminder that Wasaga under Siege “A War of 1812 Experience” is approaching fast.  

[ATL] Crescent Guard Games

Join the Bright Hills Archers in the epic Trojan War, then follow Odysseus's torturous journey home to Ithaca. Along the way, you will encounter fantastic beings - Gods, Heroes, and Monsters abound!!! For the Trojan War shoot, all archers must pick a side to fight on. Who will you choose - Greece or Troy?

[ANS] Coronation

Oyez Oyez ... All are invited to attend the Coronation of their Highnesses Lochlan Dunn and Gwen verch Cynwrig de Ynys Mon hosted by the Barony of Elfsea.

[ART] Arabian Nights 2011

Join us for the First Camping Event of the Season down in the Southern Lands of our Fair Kingdom. From May 13-15 in the Riding of Red Bridge.

Edinburgh conference explores Renaissance beauty secrets

At a recent conference at Edinburgh University, modern experts examined period sources "to increase understanding of the kinds of [beauty] materials that may have been available in renaissance homes and how ideas of beauty have developed over time."

[EAL] Pikeman's Pleasure XXI

King Arthur, along with Sir Gawain, and the troops loyal to the King have pursued Sir Lancelot to France to lay siege to his castle. Mordred has seized the throne of Camelot.  Arthur is returning and a great battle will be fought at Camlann.  Who will be the victor?

2011 Martial Mayhem

This spring the Guild of Saint Moritz is proud to present an intensive weekend of Western Martial Arts devoted to the historic arts of sword, pike, and shot.

Who - Men and women who want to learn about the use of the sword, pike, and musket during the renaissance.

When - Saturday May 7th and Sunday May 8th
Where - Connecticut Renaissance Faire

[ART] Baronial Collegium

The Barony of Arn Hold would invite all gentles to a day of higher learning.

Stefan's Florilegium updates for April 2011

THLord Stefan li Rous has published updates to Stefan's Florilegium for April 2011.

[CAL] Spring Fling 2011

Celebrate our 25th Anniversary with Spring Fling 2011 May 13-15, 2011

[OUT] Grand Outlandish XXXVIII

Her Excellency Countess Slaine inghean Ui Sheanain, Baroness of al-Barran, Cordially invites you to this, the 38th Grand Outlandish.

[OUT] May Fair

It is on May 7th 10-4pm. Cost is 5.00 adult members children 6-18 2.00 under 6 free

[LOC] Flametree Ball

Greetings All! The Flametree Ball will be held again in the Shire of Adora for all those who would attend. There shall be much eating, drinking and dancing!

[LOC] Tablecloth of the Golden Ducks

Good Gentles all, pray heed your taste-buds and come to the newest of the Epicurean Tablecloth of Gold events to be offered by Torlyon.

[OUT] Ravenhyrst Season Opener

Canton Ravenhyrst invites all Gentles Near and Far to join us for our annual season opener event! We will assemble at the site of the canton's weekly fighter practices (currently Sundays) to compete for honor on the field of battle.

April 21st

SCA shire brings medieval feast to the public

Longview, Washington minister Jerry Hemrich was looking for ways to raise money for his church when he he hit on the idea of incorporating his hobby, the SCA, in the fundraiser. The result is the popular medieval feast, recently opened to the public, at the church.

What women's brooches tell us about Anglo-Saxon England

On the blog, A Corner of Tenth-Century Europe, Jonathan Jarrett offers a review of a paper by Jane Kershaw entitled New Insights on the Viking Settlement of England: the Small Finds Evidence, presented to the Institute of Historical Research Earlier Middle Ages seminar on 9 February, 2011.

Bannockburn dig may have produced pottery owned by the army of Robert the Bruce

A recent excavation at Bannockburn, Scotland has uncovered several green-glazed pot sherds near the site of the camp of Scottish king Robert the Bruce, leading experts to speculate that the pottery may have belonged to the army.

April 20th

For the tiny knight who has everything

Jewlery designer T. Shamir has given the assasin's crossbow new meaning with these palm sized, fully functional crossbow and cannon.  The two videos depict the weapons in action.

Roman quarry "too obvious" for notice

Archaeologist Karl-James Langford believes historians may have overlooked a Roman quarry in Barry, Wales because it was just "too obvious."

Ice Dragon 2011 rapier photos online

Dragos Pelikanos reports that he has posted an album of photos from Ice Dragon which took place recently in the Kingdom of AEthelmearc. The photos are available on Picasaweb.

Two elevated at Ice Dragon

THLord Brandubh O'Donnghaile, Silver Buccle Herald for the Kingdom of Aethelmearc, reports that, at Their Courts at the Festival of the Passing of the Ice Dragon, Their Royal Majesties Duncan and Ilish offered peerages to two of Their subjects.

April 19th

Late Roman graves discovered in Canterbury

Archaeologists have discovered a cemetery, dating to the late Roman period, is the St. Dunstan's area of Canterbury, England. They believe, due to the placement of the bodies and lack of grave goods, that the burials were Christian.

Calontir Spring 2011 Coronation photos online

Séaghdha mac Roibeaird reports that he has created an album of photos from Spring 2011 Coronation which took place recently in the Kingdom of Calontir.

Leprosy, battle wounds found in early medieval cemetery

The scull of a leper who died fighting is one of several interesting burials identified at an Italian cemetery used between 500 and 700 CE. The cemetery likely contains remains of Germanic Lombards or Avars.

April 18th

Mudthaw photos online

Baroness Cateline reports that she has posted photos from Mudthaw which took place recently in the Kingdom of the East. The photos are available on her PicasaWeb website.

"Senchus fer nAlban"

In the 7th century, seventy lines of text were created to record the number of men in western Scotland for the purpose of military service and tax collection. The Senchus fer nAlban (History of the men of Scotland) includes resources for the population of Dál Riata, the Kingdom of the Gaels on the west coast of Scotland. (photos)