Archive - Mar 2011

March 11th

[LOC] Hastilude

The Canton of Cluain does invite all to attend our first ever Hastilude.

[ART] Crown Tourney

Your Presence is requested at the tourney to determine the heirs to the Griffin Thrones. The tourney will be hosted by the Barony of Sentinels’ Keep on the second of April 2011. Please join us for this momentous occasion.

[ART] Spring Feast

The Barony of Sentinels' Keep wishes to invite you to attend our celebration of the end of Winter — Spring Feast! In true form with putting the cold snowy hearth-trapped days behind us we will be hosting tournaments in all areas of SCA activities!

[OUT] Bardic Guild Hall Revel

Thou art invited! BARDIC GUILD HALL REVEL on 3rd FRIDAY, MARCH 18, 2011 7pm-?

[WES] Baronial Changeover

April 16-17, 2011 Baronial Changeover Barony of Winter's Gate (Fairbanks, AK)

[DRA] Meadowmarsh Boot-Camp

This is not a medieval event – it is just for fighting, learning and teaching…No garb, no nothing … just fighting!

[ANS] Salado Market Days & Medieval Knights

Join the Stronghold of Hellsgate as we bring the beauty & magic of a Medieval Market Place to the people of Historic Salado, TX. (this is a Demo ~ No Site Fee)

[EAS] King Lucan VIII and Queen Jana V Coronation

Come one, come all and join the Barony of the Bridge at this most magnificent occasion when the East Kingdom will celebrate the passing of the Crown to Lucan VIII & Jana V.

Great Gotemba Tourney

In the tradition of the medieval tournaments, Castle Tintagel is organizing a medieval festival that will provide fun for all. For the fighters, there will be one on one tournments, melees, and even a fighting at night under the stars.

[AET] Heralds and Scribes

Let the word go forth that the Shire of Sterlynge Vayle will be hosting Heralds and Scribes on April 2, 2011 at the Trinity Memorial Church, 44 Main St., Binghamton NY.

[AET] Thrown Weapons Regional

The Shire of Heronter would like to invite you to a regional thrown weapons practice to be held at an indoor site! Come knock the rust off those axes, knives and spears...

[OUT] Feast of Fools

Come test your skills of chivalry at Dragonsspine's Feast of Fools Where one brave soul will be named
The Gallant of Dragonsspine! (also known as the Lord/Lady of Misrule)

[GLE] Coronation of Havordh and Morgana

Come join the Barony of Axemoor in celebration of the Coronation of Havordh and Morgana, April 8-10, 2011

[WES] Westermark’s Feast of St. George

Here there be Dragons (Well there where, until...)!  With the wise council of St. George, the noble hunters of the Westermark tracked down and vanquished the dire beasty that had been terrorizing our dear vast forests, friends, comrades, small children, and stuffed animals...

March 10th

Smailholm Tower leaks to be stopped by turf roof

Historic Scotland plans to use medieval techniques to stop rain damage to a 15th century Scottish tower between St Boswells and Kelso. The landmark will be capped with a turf and clay roof.

14th century manuscript returns to Bangor Cathedral

Sunday worshippers at Bangor Cathedral in Wales were given a rare treat recently: they were permitted to view the Bangor Pontifical, "a 14th Century bishop's manuscript, containing blessings and text of plainchant." The manuscript had been absent from its home for preservation and digitalization. (photo)

16th-century painting found at garage sale

20 years ago, Frederick Wright bought a painting at a garage sale in Indiana because it reminded him of a character in the British sitcom "Are You Being Served?" He has since found out that the portrait is a French oil painting that dates to 1573.

Personalized "Bayeaux Tapestry" tells story of Reign

A page on the Kingdom of Drachenwald's Dragon's Embroidery Workshop features Countess Honor of Restormel's amazing Bayeux style tapestry project, which chronicles her reign as Queen of Drachenwald.

March 9th

Volunteers needed for Known World Children's Fete, Pennsic 40

Herrin Emeludt Haensler, Chancellor of Youth for the Kingdom of Atlantia, reports that volunteers are needed for the upcoming Known World Children's Fete at Pennsic 40.

Researchers hope to learn more about Roman religion

In 1870, Humphrey Senhouse discovered Roman altars at Maryport near Hadrian's Wall, beginning a long debate over the nature of religion in the Roman military. Now excavations at the Camp Farm site may shed new light on the subject.

Etain of Sutherland elevated in Atlantia

Lord Donngal mac Ronain reports that Her Majesty Queen Brianna of the Kingdom of Atlantia offered Baroness Etain of Sutherland elevation to the Order of the Laurel. The elevation took place February 26, 2011 at Nottinghill Coill's Baronial Birthday.

Google Maps error reignites medieval border dispute

In the latest in a series of Google-driven international incidents, Google Maps gave the German port city of Emden to the Netherlands. The exact location of the border has been disputed since the 15th century.

March 8th

Norman church beneath Bath Abbey

The beautiful Bath Abbey was not the original church on the site, according to archaeologists who recently discovered the remains of a Norman cathedral. Also found at the site was evidence of the home of a medieval abbot.

Stone Age artifacts revered by Vikings

When archaeologists first unearthed Viking graves and ship burials, they dismissed the importance of Stone Age artfacts in much later burials. Now researchers are taking another look, one that seems to suggest the importance of "antiques" in Viking life.

Miles Fitz-Rauf placed on vigil in the West

Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf reports that His Majesty King Jade of the Kingdom of the West has offered Miles Fitz-Rauf membership in the Order of Chivalry. The offer was made at War Collegium on February 5, 2011.

Atenveldt A&S photos online

THL Raven Mayne, A&S Minister for the Kingdom of Atenveldt, reports that she has uploaded a number of photo albums relating to arts and sciences activities in the Kingdom, including Twelfth Night 2011. The photos are on the KMOAS photobucket site.

March 7th

Puddletown Forest reveals Roman "super highway"

Romans often built to impress. This is believed to be the case with a 15 ft (3 m) high, 85 ft (26 m) wide road, built soon after the Roman invasion in the 1st century, that was discovered recently in the Puddletown Forest in Dorset, England. The road originally stretched from London to Exeter.

Online illumination

A Fordham University graduate student has found a novel way to finance her education: she offers a calligraphy service. She has posted tutorials for her craft on YouTube. (video)

Mapping Anglo-Saxon London

Ever wondered what Anglo-Saxon London would have looked like? Londonlist offers the opportunity to view closeups of how modern mapmakers would view medieval London.

Baron Geoffrey de Bradeli (Dulinn) to be Knighted at Gulf Wars

It has been announced at Gleann Abhann Court that Baron Geoffrey de Bradeli (known as Dulinn) is to be knighted at Gulf Wars. His knighting will take place at Gleann Abhann Kingom Court.