Archive - Mar 9, 2011

Volunteers needed for Known World Children's Fete, Pennsic 40

Herrin Emeludt Haensler, Chancellor of Youth for the Kingdom of Atlantia, reports that volunteers are needed for the upcoming Known World Children's Fete at Pennsic 40.

Researchers hope to learn more about Roman religion

In 1870, Humphrey Senhouse discovered Roman altars at Maryport near Hadrian's Wall, beginning a long debate over the nature of religion in the Roman military. Now excavations at the Camp Farm site may shed new light on the subject.

Etain of Sutherland elevated in Atlantia

Lord Donngal mac Ronain reports that Her Majesty Queen Brianna of the Kingdom of Atlantia offered Baroness Etain of Sutherland elevation to the Order of the Laurel. The elevation took place February 26, 2011 at Nottinghill Coill's Baronial Birthday.

Google Maps error reignites medieval border dispute

In the latest in a series of Google-driven international incidents, Google Maps gave the German port city of Emden to the Netherlands. The exact location of the border has been disputed since the 15th century.