Archive - Mar 14, 2011

Fighter Auction Tourney at Canterbury Faire on YouTube

Alexandra reports that Grimr has posted a series of videos taken of the Fighter Auction Tourney at the Canterbury Faire this year to his YouTube account.

Academic dress in the Middle Ages

The British Burgon Society studies the history of academic dress with an aim to study, preserve and advise on all aspects of practice of wearing caps and gowns. Alex Kerr, an expert on the subject, has posted an article Layer upon Layer: The Evolution of Cassock, Gown, Habit and Hood as Academic Dress.

Woodworkers needed for Pennsic Artisan's Row

Master Brusten de Bearsul is seeking woodworkers to participate in the Artisans' Row project at Pennsic  war 40.

Did wicker help build Stonehenge?

For thousands of years, experts have debated how the huge stones that constitute Stonehenge were transported from Wales to their current site in southern England. Now engineer Garry Lavin has a new theory: wicker. (photo)