Archive - Feb 13, 2011

Hunting and falconry law changes proposed in Virginia

Britton reports that Delegate Harvey Morgan of the Virginia legislature has proposed a change to laws affecting the practice of falconry and hunting with dogs.

Gulf Wars Tapestry to debut at 2011 War

Mistress Daphne of Colchester reports that she plans to publish the Gulf Wars Tapestry, the first daily newspaper at Gleann Abhann's signature event, beginning in 2011.

3 offered peerages at Caerthen 12th Night

THL Anna MacTaggart, Blue Iris Herald, for the Kingdom of the Outlands, reports that Their Majesties Boleslav and Astriðr offered peerages to three of Their subjects at the January 8, 2011 12th Night celebration in the Barony of Caerthe.